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The best light cones for each track in Honkai Star Rail

The best light cones for each track in Honkai Star Rail

4-star characters in Honkai: Star Rail can be great support and DPS if players know how to use them.

Light cones are one of the most important pieces of equipment in the game. Honkai: StarRail. Unlike Relics, Light Cones cannot be farmed. They can usually be obtained from Star Jumps, the game's gacha banners. They can provide much-needed buffs to both the wearer and the entire squad.

Each light cone can only be assigned to a character of the corresponding Path, so the buffs provided are quite specific in their use, rather than simply boosting base stats, as is often the case with relics. Like characters, light cones vary in rarity, but having fewer stars doesn't really always mean the light cone will be worse.


Time waits for no one - 5 stars

It's not for nothing that some of the light cones are covered behind Starjump banners. This cone of light increases your character's HP and outgoing healing by 12%, while also dealing additional damage to the enemy based on the amount of healing. With it, you can allow your healer to focus solely on recovery, while opponents receive bonus damage.

Interview after surgery - 4 stars

One of the simplest light cones, you'll need it if you want to maximize healing on characters like Natasha, whose superpower can provide a huge burst of healing. This cone of light increases your maximum healing by 12% and increases your energy recovery by 8%, allowing you to cast your healing skills faster.



About the fall of Aeon - 5 stars

This light cone can be easily obtained from Gert's shop and is one of the best for any character on the path of Destruction. The item increases the user's attack power by 8%, and when the equipped character breaks through an enemy's vulnerability, their damage is increased by 12%.

Nowhere to run - 4 stars

Light cone from BP "Honor of the Nameless"» has a higher attack buff than the previous one, it starts at 20%, and can recover HP after defeating an enemy, hence becoming the preferred choice between the two. Especially if you're fighting an enemy whose vulnerabilities you can't exploit.



Night on the milky way - 5 stars

In the same way that Hunt characters specialize in taking down a single target quickly, Erudite characters are equipped with excellent AoE damage tools. With Night on the Milky Way, your character's attack power will increase by 8% for each enemy on the battlefield. It will even give you an extra damage buff for one turn if you manage to land penetration of vulnerability.

Today is also a peaceful day - 4 stars

While the benefits of this light cone will probably seem tentative to some, the damage buff it gives depending on how high a character's max energy level is can be huge if you build your Erudite characters properly.



The battle is not over - 5 stars

Harmony characters will benefit from any buff that speeds up their recovery so that they can give even more buffs to the squad. With this light cone, your support characters can regenerate energy 8% faster, but it also gives you an extra skill point that can be used whenever the owner uses their ultimate.

Cut the moon and tailor the clouds - 4 stars

This cone of light provides a random buff to the unit at the start of combat. It can increase attack power by 10%, critical damage by 12%, or energy regeneration rate by 6%. While he seems a little unpredictable, it's undeniable that any of these buffs are a welcome addition to Harmony's character arsenal.



At night - 5 stars

Characters in the path of the Hunt want to hit hard and fast. With this light cone, you can make sure that your character's attacks, skills, and super abilities always deal critical damage. It can increase critical hit chance by 12%, and for fast characters, In the Night is able to increase basic attack and skill damage by 6%.

Only silence remains - 4 stars

Since the characters are hunters, like Seele, mainly focus on single-target attacks, Silence remains - a great light cone to have in your arsenal. It grants a 16% base attack bonus, plus it can give your character an additional 12% increased critical hit chance if there are no more than two enemies on the field.



In the name of peace - 5 stars

Eternal characters love their debuffs and with this item you can be sure that their skills will always be up to date. With a 20% increased chance to hit the effect whenever the wearer uses their skill, plus 20% additional damage to weakened enemies, you'll be sorry if you didn't have that cone of light, which is especially useful on Welt.

Resolve Shines Like Pearls of Sweat - 4 Stars

The item is interesting in that it inflicts a debuff that is not used by many characters. When hit by an attack, it has a 60% chance to trap an enemy, after which the entrapped enemy's defense is reduced by 12%, making it an easy target for your favorite DPS that deal massive single-target damage.



Moment of Victory - 5 Stars

Save Path Characters, such as the mighty Cheetah, will always be your main tanks. This also means that you will need the appropriate light cones, such as Moment of Victory. It increases your defense by 24% and distracts the attention of enemies. If you think this is already a great buff, wait for an enemy to hit you and watch your defense level rise by another 24%.

First day of my new life - 4 stars

It does not have such a huge defense boost as the previous one, it gives the wearer a modest 16% defense boost and increases damage resistance for all allies by 8%. The best thing about this light cone is the adorable picture of March 7 and Pom Pom. Of course, his buffs are also quite useful.

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