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Big Jackpot in Honkai Star Rail: how to get the achievement

Big score in Honkai Star Rail

To get the achievement, complete the condition "Retrieve the treasure hidden in the fountain of the Belobog Administrative District."

Achievement "Big Jackpot" is one of the easiest achievements on the planet Yarilo-VI. Moreover, you can also receive the Retribution achievement if you have not met its conditions before.

How to get the Big Jackpot achievement in Honkai Star Rail

First of all, you need to teleport to the spatial anchor on the Central Square of the Administrative Region on the planet Yarilo-VI. Then turn 180 degrees to see the fountain. Approach it and examine it.


You will have three options. You need to select the "Catch Treasure from the Fountain" option. To do this, you will need to spend one Commendation of High Morale.


Fishing the treasure out of the fountain will earn you the Big Snatch achievement.

However, if you choose to retrieve five treasures in a row by repeatedly selecting the "Catch Treasure from the Fountain" option, and if you have never spent High Morale Praise before, you will earn the "Retribution" achievement.

(According to the conditions of the "Retribution" achievement, you need to use the accumulated Commendations of High Morality several times. If you already received this achievement during the passage of the game, you will not be given it a second time).

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