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Phone cases for all characters in Honkai: Star Rail

Character phone cases in Honkai Star Rail

Each character in the game has a unique phone case that reflects their character. But which of these cases is the best?

Honkai: Star Rail boasts an abundance of colorful characters with unique personalities. Their personalities are vividly revealed during communication with other heroes, as well as during battles and ordinary daily activities.


The individuality of each character is emphasized with the help of a mass of details, among which, for example, the design of a phone case. This item can say a lot about its owner. In this compilation, we'll take a look at the phone cases of all the characters in the game, and find out which ones turned out better than the others.

Dan Heng


Dan Heng is at the very bottom of this list for one simple reason: he doesn't seem to have a phone case at all. Most likely, such accessories of the hero are simply not interested.

This once again emphasizes the pragmatism of the character, and although he took the last place in this selection, he would certainly top the list of people who have never dropped their phones in their lives.



Seele, unlike Dan Heng, takes care of her phone and has bought a case for it. There is nothing outstanding about his design, but he does an excellent job and fits the character of the heroine quite well.

When you first meet Seele, she may seem overly serious and strict, but if you spend a little more time with her, you will realize that a good-natured person is hiding behind a harsh appearance. Her phone case reflects Zele's trait and also hints at her ultimate.



As with Seele, the Cheetah phone case does its job well, but its design pales in comparison to the other options in this collection. The case has a shield on the back of the case, hinting that the phone is well protected, and, oddly enough, this style could only fit the Cheetah.

Otherwise, the case is rather unremarkable due to its dull colors, which are clearly lacking in deep blue hues that could emphasize Cheetah's clothing style and his icy abilities.



From the Brony phone case onwards, more and more interesting designs are waiting for us. However, like previous cases, it lacks personality, and its coloring only indicates the Armor's combat abilities.

Of course, it looks a little more creative than the three cases from the list above, but it says almost nothing about the personality of its owner. However, the phone looks quite nice in this case thanks to well-chosen cool colors.

Jing Yuan


Jing Yuan is the star of the new banner, and his overall design is one of the best in the game, so it's surprising that the style of his phone case isn't quite as impressive as his outfit or flashy combat animation.

All in all, Jing Yuan's phone case looks good, but it's a little over-packed with details. The lion's head on the cover is a great find, but due to the abundance of unnecessary details, the back wall of the cover looks clumsy.



Himeko's phone case is essentially the exact opposite of Jing Yuan's case: it is made in a rather modest style, but at the same time, there was a place in the design for details that reflect the character of the heroine and do not go beyond the limited space.

This case is eye-catching with artful gold trim on a white background and gold flowers at the bottom. He demonstrates Himeko's elegance and strength, and does so with relative modesty. That is why he went around five previous cases.



This is one of the most absurd cases in the game, so it was quite difficult to determine which place to give it. In the end, this is one of those rare cases when the owner of the phone is depicted on the case.

However, it's worth taking a closer look at the design of this case to understand that it definitely doesn't deserve the last places. The image of Sampo on a moped and with a bomb on his head seems to be taken from some Mario Kart and, oddly enough, fits him perfectly. Who would doubt that Sampo would decide to draw himself on his phone case?



Hook is, in fact, the same egoist as Sampo (but we love her no less for that), but you can close your eyes to this, because she is just a child, and she obviously painted the back wall of her case herself. As far as we know, Sampo delegated this task to someone else, and therefore his case was a little further from the top of the list.

However, Hook's phone case looks adorable and fits in well with her upbeat and warm personality. And more from this accessory is not required.



The Serval phone case is the epitome of simplicity, soaked in personality, which makes it memorable. The lightning strike plate in the center shows everything you need to know about this rock fan who uses electric damage in combat to defeat her enemies.

The colors that can be seen on the Serval phone case are also surprisingly well chosen: a gradient of blue in the background is complemented by various shades of purple and pink, which together create a cohesive look.

March 7


Our fun, quirky, and undeniably cute companion March 7 boasts one of the best phone cases in Honkai: Star Rail despite a relatively simple design. If you include her in your squad for at least a couple of battles, then you will not confuse this cover with a symbolic flower in the center.

It looks bright enough thanks to light blue and pink tones, as well as a yellow tint - all this emphasizes March 7's mischievous nature and her bright personality. There is never a dull moment with her, and her case perfectly reflects her inexhaustible energy.



Although Yanqing's case is not as bright and flashy as the March 7 case, it attracts attention with its pleasant design, which demonstrates the catchy, but at the same time elegant nature of its owner. A mixture of blue and purple, a unique camera lens edging and a flock of doves make this design quite memorable.

Similar to Yanqing's costume and combat animations, his phone case showcases a brilliant combination of colors and details, as well as reflecting his superior swordsmanship and abilities, which make him nearly unbeatable in combat.



Herta's phone case will appeal to many gamers as its elegant design contains everything you need to know about her character. The gothic design of the case brings out Herta's personality and references her outfit, while the splashes of blue and purple add the necessary contrast.

Also, the purple flowers around the edges look bold, but not gaudy: apparently, Gerta herself attached them to the cover so that it would better convey her inner state. Unsurprisingly, the result is one of the best phone case designs in the entire game.



You only need to look at Welt's phone case to realize that we have a classic nerd in front of us (in fact, for this we love him), but in fact, there is more to the back of the case than meets the eye. The robot shown on the cover is Arahato from Honkai Impact 3rd, which came out almost seven years ago.

Thus, Welt is not shy about showing his love for robots and video games - why not once again admire him? Separately, it is worth noting the stylish red edging, thanks to which the Velta phone case looks even more impressive.



Natasha's phone case could be even higher on this list as it's one of the cutest cases in the game, but Honkai: Star Rail has some even cuter cases than this one. However, the adorable teddy bear with glowing mushrooms on its head looks just wonderful. Just look at this beauty!

Moreover, this is a direct reference to Natasha's ult, in which you can see a teddy bear, as in many other scenes with her. This cover suits Natasha's character perfectly and says a lot about her soft-hearted nature.



As in the case of Natasha, Arlan and his phone case could be much higher on the list, but, oddly enough, in this collection there was an even more adorable case with Pippi (Asta's dog). However, it looks quite adorable, thanks in large part to the Pippi-faced strips of duct tape that seem to cover the cracks in the case.

At the same time, it is worth paying attention to the fact that it was the case that cracked, and not the phone itself - this clearly demonstrates how important it is to always keep the phone in the case (this applies, in particular, to Dan Heng). Well, how could one not include a cover with a muzzle of Pippi in the top ten?



Remember Welt's Arahato phone case? This is not the only case with characters from other games in Honkai: Star Rail, as the characters from Tears of Themis flaunt on the back of Pela's phone. If you've been following Pela's story closely, you'll know that she's not shy about her love of teenage romance, and her cover only underscores that.

It is not known which of the four characters she likes the most, but the case hints that Pela loves the entire quartet equally, without highlighting any particular character. Anyway, this curious reference to another title, as well as the overall design, allowed Pela's phone case to climb to 7th place.



Since Tingyun is a fox, it's only natural that her phone case would have a fox on it, but who would have thought that this fox would be so cute? You only have to look at her once to understand why she beat most of the other heroes from this collection.

Tingyun is an elegant heroine with a kind heart and a capacity for compassion, and her case reflects all of these traits of a heroine. The unique golden edging around the camera lens, the dark red background and of course the adorable fox perfectly match the spirit of the character.



Although Bailu is the supreme elder of the Vidyadhara dragon race, she has many of the characteristics of an underwater creature, which makes her a very unusual character. Of course, her case turned out to be just as interesting as Bailu's personality.

The edging of the camera lens resembles a fisheye, while on the main part of the case you can see Bailu's dragon tail and hair forming a heart-shaped figure in the very center of the case, which perfectly reflects the character of the heroine.



The Qing Que phone case has a simple yet extremely cute design. As you might guess, the more touching the image on the cover, the higher it will be in this selection. The flower around the camera lens is simply stunning - it looks great in contrast to the soothing bluish-green background.

And the bird that holds the fish looks quite intriguing, as it clearly alludes to some event from Qingque's past. Sooner or later, we will surely find out what is hidden behind this symbolism, but for now, you can just enjoy the pleasant design and the feeling of understatement that Qing Que personifies in the best possible way.



Clara is one of the deepest and most complex characters we'll ever meet in the world of Honkai: Star Rail. As you know, the huge ancient robot Svarog actually replaced her parents, and their warm relationship is also shown on Clara's phone case, which depicts two rabbits.

At the same time, the rabbits also emphasize her introverted and shy nature, reflecting her kind and gentle nature. That is why Clara's phone case was in the top three of this collection.



As you remember, on Arlan's broken phone case, the cracks are covered with duct tape with a Pippi face, and this dog can be seen on an even more adorable case that Asta carries with him. It depicts Peppy in the very center, carelessly resting under the starry sky.

Asta loves two things more than anything: her dog, Pippi, and seeing the vast expanses of the universe, so it's no surprise that her phone case combines both. Separately, it is worth noting the dark blue background and yellowish edging, which focus attention on the main thing - on Peppy. This says a lot about Asta's personality and her ability to prioritize.



Finally, we have the best phone case in this collection. The back of Sushan's smartphone features three chubby birds resting together on a tree branch. You probably won't see anything cuter.

Two sleeping birds contrast perfectly with the third, which is belligerently brandishing a sword. At the same time, the colors on the case complement each other well, and a small flower around the camera lens is a kind of cherry on the cake. If you want to know everything about Sushan's character, just take a look at this case!

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