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Pure Matter in Genshin Impact: how to start and complete the quest [guide]

Pure Matter in Genshin Impact

Purest Matter in Genshin Impact is a quest from patch 3.7, a plot continuation of the quest “Meteor Shower Caller” as part of the Yoimiya Legends storyline. The girl wants to see a meteor shower, but it is impossible to do this in the dendro region, as Nahida told us. However, in order not to disappoint the girl, Nahida came up with the perfect plan - to show a beautiful meteor shower in her dreams, but in such a way that the girl could not even understand if she was dreaming or all this for real.

In this guide, we will figure out how to start and complete the task, what stages it consists of, what difficulties may arise and what reward is provided for successful completion.

How to start the Pure Matter quest in Genshin Impact

The task is issued automatically immediately after the completion of the previous quest of the storyline - “Meteor Shower Caller”. The quest ends by talking to Yoimiya. Immediately after the conversation, we open the quest log and see the plot continuation. We select as active and proceed to the passage.


Walkthrough of Pure Matter in Genshin Impact

Our goal is to complete Nahida's errands and collect the necessary materials to be able to fulfill Yoimiya's wish. Let's get to the task.

Head to Mount Devantaki

The materials we need may be at Mount Devantaki, so our path lies there. Open the map and teleport to the nearest point. The quest marker is right next to the teleportation point, so you don't have to go far.


We talk to the girl on the spot. She is impressed by what she sees. After a short dialogue, we again take control of the hero and continue the quest.

Go up

Before us are four-leaf symbols. We use them to go further towards the quest mark.


We find ourselves on the platform on which there is a quest marker.


Upon reaching the place, the goal of the task is updated.

Keep climbing

Again we use the four-leaf symbols to go further. Thus we get to the next side.


On the next side of the cliff we see the wind flow that we need to climb even higher. With the help of wings and air flow, we rise to the structure above.


And again we use the four-leafed symbol to get to the right place.


Once on a giant golem, we continue to follow further. The reference point will be the four-leafed symbols above + the quest marker.


In such a simple way, we get to the mark, where the dialogue immediately begins automatically.


Talk to Yoimiya

Having reached the place, we talk with the girl. The dialogue is quite long, we are waiting for completion, after which we continue the passage.


Ask Ahangar about the ore

Immediately after the dialogue is completed, we open the map and return back to the capital of the Dendro region to talk with one blacksmith.


We move towards the quest marker until we get to the forge.


We ask about the ore we need, after which we wait for the completion of the dialogue.


Ask Sadeh

Our path lies to a guy named Sadeh, who is also in Sumeru, not far from the forge. On foot we get to the quest marker and start a dialogue.


We ask about a girl with a disability. He really saw her. Sadeh tells all the information and tells where to find the girl. We follow in her footsteps.

Ask where Avin went

We move forward towards the area highlighted on the mini-map.


Having reached there, another dialogue automatically begins, where the characters ask about the disabled girl. After talking with the first character, the objective of the quest changes.

Keep asking where Avin went

We continue to go forward on clues and tips to find Avin - a disabled girl. The next point is at the teleport. We approach the farmer and interact to start a dialogue.


Keep looking for Avin

We get hints from the farmer and move forward towards the next quest marker. We leave the city and go along the path until we come across a girl lying on the ground. 


We come and talk. The girl is sad and asks why she cannot move without her wheelchair, like all other people. We need to find her wheelchair.

Examine the footprints on the ground

Without leaving the quest zone, we come across the first clue. We approach and interact.


The next track is just below. We go to the next quest zone (just below) and interact with the second trace to study.


Approach the missing stroller

Hints lead to the side of the cliff. We go towards the quest marker.


Deal with monsters, take away their stroller

Having reached the cliff, below we see the girl's wheelchair, and next to it are monsters. We attack and destroy them in order to return the stroller to the girl.


Pick up the stroller

After defeating the monsters, we approach the stroller and interact to pick it up.


We give the stroller during a small cut-scene. Everything happens automatically.

Talk to Avin

We talk with the girl and allies to discuss further actions.


We call on an aranar named Arapurva to help us get to Avin's friend from the aranar clan. We are waiting for the end of the dialogue. At the same time, the task ends.


For the successful completion of the Purest Matter quest, travelers will receive the following rewards:

  • Mora (38100 units);
  • Adventure experience (625 units);
  • Hero experience (4 units);
  • Magic ore of strengthening (8 units).

Video guide

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