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Monstrous Baptist in Genshin Impact: How to Find and Defeat

Monstrous Baptist in Genshin Impact

Monstrous Baptist in Genshin Impact is a boss in Gavireh Lajaward, added in patch 3.6. A powerful creature with high defense and strong attacks. It can control different elements, making it a dangerous opponent.

In this guide, we will figure out where to find the boss, what attacks he uses in battle, how to defeat him, which units can cope with the task and what reward is provided.

How to find Monstrous Baptist in Genshin Impact

The boss is located in the expanded desert area from update 3.6, underground. The exact location can be seen in the screenshot.


We teleport to the nearest point and go down, go into the caves and get to the boss. We fight with him, we win, after which we use the original resin to get the maximum reward.

Best units and characters to fight the Monstrous Baptist in Genshin Impact

For the correct formation of the detachment, it is important to first analyze its strengths and weaknesses. Although the new boss does not have a lot of health, his attacks are devastating and can take a lot of health. Baptist can control different elements and has rather low elemental resistances, but this is compensated by the presence of a shield. The boss can create shields of different elements, which gives great resistance to certain types of damage, so it is important to make a squad with the ability to use different elemental reactions. Without a shield, his resistance to all types of damage is only 10%.

Consider a few heroes from which you can assemble a good squad against the new world boss. 

Maine DD

The following characters can be considered as the main damage dealer:

  • blankAyaka. A good choice as a main dd. Can deal a lot of elemental cryo damage and create reactions. At the same time, if the boss does not have a cryo shield, the resistance is only 10%, due to which the damage will be quite high. Ayaka can easily dodge most of the boss's attacks. Considering that the baptizer has a lot of AOE abilities, the mobility of the character will not hurt.
  • blankGan Yu. Another cryo character. Can act as a main dd. The main feature is the ability to attack the enemy in ranged combat, since it uses a bow. Deals a lot of damage, easily breaks cores, perfect against the boss. 
  • blankAyato. Hydro character with a low cooldown of abilities and a lot of hydro damage. Can easily create reactions, remove the enemy's shield, deal hydro damage. With the right build, he can easily defeat a Baptist.
  • blankTartaglia. When playing as this character, it is important to accumulate the ultimate ability and use it at the right moment when the boss is not under the protection of the shield. This will be enough to remove a huge amount of health. In addition, the character has the ability to attack both at close range and at long range, which opens up completely new possibilities. It is advisable to take in a squad with a healer.
  • blankHu Tao. Pyro damage. Deals a lot of damage, thanks to the ultimate ability, it can restore HP, which partially eliminates the need for an additional healer.
  • blankEimiya. A large amount of Pyro damage, long-range attacks, powerful abilities, the ability to break cores + destroy the boss's shield. 
  • blankKlee. Slightly worse than other characters, but if desired, can act as a damage dealer through elemental damage.
  • blankSayno. A good damage dealer can deal massive amounts of damage to take down the shield, and if the boss is not under the shield, the hero can easily drop his health bar to zero in a short amount of time.
  • blankRaiden. When playing as Raiden, the most important thing is to catch the moment when the boss is not under the protection of an electric shield. Using the ultimate ability at this moment will cause serious damage to the baptist and lead to victory.
  • blankYae Miko. Not the best choice for the main dd role, but you can use it if you want. Works best against this boss as a sub-dp, dealing damage from pocket mode. The role of Miko depends on the squad and builds, look at the situation.
  • blankKe Qing. A good character, has a lot of electro damage, can remove the boss's shield. He is a fairly mobile character, thanks to which he easily avoids boss attacks. With the right play, the help of shields and healers may not be needed at all.
  • blankTignari. The only dendro main DD worth considering. Despite the high amount of damage, Tignari is highly dependent on the team against this boss, as he cannot remove the shield on his own.


It's important to get the right sub-dd to deal extra damage, create reactions, and help the main damage dealer. Consider a few characters who are well suited for this role.

  • blankXian Lin. Pyro character. Deals a huge amount of pocket damage + can create reactions with other elements, which is extremely important against the baptist. A good option if the squad requires pyro damage.
  • blankXing Qiu and blankYe Lan. Can deal additional hydro damage, create reactions, and heal. Depending on the build, these heroes are worth considering. 
  • blankMona Suitable both for the role of the main damage dealer, and as a sub-dd. It has a lot of damage, thanks to the ultimate ability it deals huge damage to the boss's health. 
  • blankFischl. Can deal electro damage from pocket mode. Not the best option, but useful in certain builds.
  • blankBay Dou. Provides both additional damage and protection.  
  • blankRosary. A great option if cryo damage to the enemy is required. In addition, it is easy to move around the battlefield. 
  • blankNahida. Pretty situational. It can deal additional damage, complement the damage of the main DD and give elemental mastery to increase elemental damage.

Full support

An equally important role in the squad is played by full-fledged supports, who can provide the squad with additional buffs, healing, and a shield. Given the huge damage of the Monstrous Baptist, all of the above is simply necessary, so we choose a support with full responsibility. 

  • blankBennet. A good pyro support with a lot of healing and the ability to create reactions to destroy cores.
  • blankTom. Can deal additional damage from the pocket, which is not so important for a support. Much more important is the shield that he can put on damage dealers.
  • blankZhong Li. A versatile hero that complements almost any squad thanks to his very strong shield. It is highly recommended to take it to the squad, especially if the characters in the squad are not mobile and cannot dodge the boss's attacks.
  • blankLayla. Excellent support. Can put up a shield. It also deals decent cryo damage from pocket mode. 
  • blankDione. Very good cryo support. It has everything you need: shield, healing, cryo status, the ability to remove the boss's shield. 
  • blankKokomi. Can create hydro reactions. In addition, it heals allies, which is indispensable against the baptizer.
  • blankBarbara. Like the previous heroine, she can put a hydro status on the enemy, but most importantly - a huge amount of treatment for all members of the squad.
  • blankDory. Electro support with electro status, energy recovery buff and healing. Ideally complements some units.
  • blankCookie Shinobu. Treatment + the ability to create electro reactions. A good choice if the squad requires electro status.
  • blankYao Yao. Can be taken if the detachment requires dendro status. In addition, it heals allies well.
  • blankBai Zhu. Good dendro character. Can easily destroy cores (electro). Provides allies with protection.

Best Squads

We figured out the usual characters, now let's look at a few ready-made units that do well against the boss. It is important to take characters of different elements, not to make teams with an emphasis on only one element, otherwise there will be problems with dealing damage. We focus on diversity.

  • blankAyaka, blankMona blankXiang Ling, blankBennet. One of the best possible units against the monstrous baptizer, because it has everything you need: healing, a lot of damage, the ability to break cores, remove the boss's shield. Ayaka acts as the main damage dealer. The main damage comes from her ultimate ability. The rotation is simple: first, we hang buffs from allies, switch to Ayaka and use the ult, and Xiang Ling at this time deals additional damage to the boss.
  • blankAyato, blankNahia, blankshinobu, blankTom. Another powerful unit with a huge amount of damage and a good shield, especially if Toma's build focuses on maximum health. The main damage comes from the budding reaction.
  • blankAl-Haytham, blankBarbara, blankBay Dou, blankTom. A good example of a unit with a focus on defense. Naturally, the damage suffers a little from this, but due to the large amount of healing and protection, the boss will not be able to break through the protection and will be defeated. Al-Haytham acts as the main damage dealer, and his damage complements Bay Dou.
  • blankTartaglia, blankFischl, blankNahida, blankBennet. A unit with a lot of damage, healing and buffs. Can easily remove any boss shield. The game goes through two reactions: vegetation, stimulation. 
  • blankKlee, blankYe Lan, blankFischl, blankDione. A good unit with the ability to easily remove the shield and a large amount of passive damage.
  • blankEimiya, blankYae Miko, blankxing qiu, blankKokomi. A powerful unit to play in combination with overload reactions + charged.

The above units are just an example. You can assemble your own, completely unique squad. It all depends on your preferences and character build.

Budget teams

You can also collect more budget options if you haven’t donated and prefer to play F2P.

  • blankKeya, blankLisa, blankBarbara, blankNoelle. Budget squad with everything you need, where Keia acts as the main damage dealer. At the same time, the squad can play through both physical and elemental damage. There is a treatment, a shield, a lot of damage, the ability to create reactions and remove the shield.
  • blankLisa, blankXiang Ling, blankBarbara, blankCollei. Lisa as a main DD, a squad to play through elemental reactions. A lot of damage, a lot of healing, the ability to easily hang and maintain statuses.
  • blankamber, blankKeya, blankBarbara, blankLisa. A good squad, where it is possible to remove any of the possible shields of the boss. However, defense is almost non-existent, with the exception of Barbara's healing, so it is important to play as carefully as possible and dodge boss attacks in order not to die.

Monstrous Baptist animations and attacks in Genshin Impact

The boss has quite a few interesting abilities and attacks. Consider them to understand what he is capable of and how to defeat him.


Instant move

During the battle, one way or another, you will have to face this ability. The boss is actively moving around the arena. After a small pop, a teleport to a random place is triggered.

Elemental rings (cores)

A powerful ability with avoidable AOE damage. The boss creates a triangle above his head.


After a certain time, the triangle falls to the ground, and around the edges, nuclei are created that exist for a certain time and explode, dealing damage in a radius of action. The explosion radius is displayed at the moment the triangle falls, so you can either quickly get out of the radius and avoid damage, or destroy the cores.


Elemental Shield

A defensive ability that compensates for the low resistances of the boss. Creates elemental shields around itself that absorb the damage of this element. At the same time, shields depend on your abilities (i.e. if you often use cryo, there will be a cryo shield, and so on). As soon as the baptist hangs a shield of a certain element on himself, the same element is transferred to his attacks. 


When the shield absorbs enough damage and breaks, the boss gets stunned and becomes vulnerable to attacks. This is the perfect time to deal as much damage as possible.

elemental explosion

The boss creates elemental balls around him (maximum 2) and begins to rotate them, dealing damage. Balls can be dodged.


When the ability ends, one of the balls is absorbed, and the boss receives an elemental shield of the absorbed ball (if he absorbed the electric ball, there will be an electric shield, and so on).

pyro balls

A powerful AOE ability that can be dodged. Fireballs appear above the head of the monstrous baptizer (4 in total), which sequentially fly at us, causing damage to the corresponding element. 


Cryo attack with blades

An analogue of the previous ability, just using cryo elements. Creates 4 blades, the first two fly at the hero in turn, and the last 2 at the same time. Can be easily dodged.


Elemental Shell

When the ability is activated, the boss surrounds himself with a cryo-shell, which can easily be confused with a shield. However, the shell explodes and deals AOE cryo damage near the boss, so it's better to run back when you see this ability.


Energy balls

Ability with auto-guidance. The boss creates electric balls that automatically chase the player and, when touched, deal damage to the corresponding element.


Electro spheres

Similar to the previous ability, but without auto-chase.

Pyro flash

The boss creates fire sources around him that explode like a cryo shell. The best way out in this situation is to run away and wait for the explosion of these sources.


How to defeat Monstrous Baptist in Genshin Impact

We figured out the boss's abilities, now we will discuss ways to win. To facilitate the battle, you can take advantage of the boss's vulnerabilities. Do not forget about consumables that can increase defense, damage, heal the hero and give other buffs.

Character selection

The most important thing is to choose the right characters against the boss who can interact with his combinations, creating elemental reactions. There are only 4 combinations he can use:

  1. Electro + pyro + cryo elements;
  2. Hydro + pyro + cryo elements;
  3. Electro + pyro + hydro elements;
  4. Hydro + cryo + electro elements.

Knowing his abilities and possible combinations, victory will not be difficult, especially if you use the right character build.

Destroy the cores

The monstrous baptizer has a very powerful ability to summon elemental cores, when first a triangle appears above his head, then the edges of the triangle turn into elemental cores. It is important to remember that elemental cores can and should be destroyed, as their destruction can briefly stun the boss.


To destroy the cores, you need to use abilities on them that can cause reactions. We destroy the cores with the help of reactions with other elements, make the boss vulnerable and destroy 

Take in the squad of shielders / healers

Although the boss himself does not have the highest defense and health indicators, all this is offset by a huge amount of damage from various elements. Most abilities can be dodged, but a single mistake can result in death. Therefore, it is important to have characters in the squad with a good heal or shield (or both) in order to provide the squad with good protection, and so that a small mistake does not become fatal. 


Don't Forget Consumables

Many players forget about consumables, which can make it much easier to complete any dungeon and defeat any boss. Consumables provide additional elemental damage, resists, healing, and other useful bonuses that are sure to come in handy, especially at higher difficulty levels. For example, to increase the pyro, hydro and cryo damage of the entire squad by 25%, you can use fiery, whirlpool, frost oils, respectively.

In case an increase in anemo, electro, geo and dendro damage is required, you can use storm, thunder oils, essence of immobility and forest oil, respectively.

This is very useful since the buff is given to the whole squad at once, and not to one specific character. If you need to increase elemental protection, you can use potions. An equally important role is played by dishes - consumables that give a wide variety of buffs:

  • blankAdept's Temptation. A powerful dish that increases attack power and critical strike chance. 
  • blankMeat assortment. If you are playing with a physical build, this dish will help increase damage by 40%, which will allow you to lower the enemy’s health bar to zero much faster.
  • blankAromatic puree. Another powerful dish to increase attack power up to x228 units.
  • blankGrow mountain. A powerful dish if you don't have enough crit chance. For a long time, it gives a bonus to the crit chance of 20%, which is simply indispensable for many builds.
  • blankSoup “Three Tastes”. Gives a powerful 30% buff to shield strength, which is simply indispensable in the case of a monstrous baptist, since the enemy has high damage and without additional protection, every mistake can lead to defeat.
  • blankdelicious lotus biscuits. Increases the defense of the entire squad. The buff can be up to x235 units. As in the case of the previous dish, defense plays an important role against the boss due to high damage, so the dish can help out in the most dangerous moments. 
  • blankUnagi chazuke. If there are characters with healing abilities in the squad (and they should be), it is worth taking this dish with you to increase the healing by another 20%.

When the Monstrous Baptist revives in Genshin Impact

After defeating the boss, if you want to continue farming, just wait 3 minutes, after which you can start the battle again. At the same time, it is important to leave the boss arena, otherwise it will not respawn.


How to get Monstrous Baptist achievements in Genshin Impact

There are several achievements associated with this boss. For unlocking these achievements, you can get additional rewards (a total of 20 source stones).

At such moments, words will be superfluous 

Achievement is given if all the cores are destroyed, as a result of which the boss is paralyzed. We simply create reactions with the nuclei present in the arena and paralyze the boss. Along with the achievement, x5 source stones are given as a reward.

Exclusion method

To get this achievement, you need to defeat the boss, which has absorbed all the powers of the elements. The reward is x5 primogems.


The final achievement awarded for defeating an enemy without destroying its protective dome. Intended Reward: x10 Source Stones.


There is a reward for defeating the boss: artifacts of various rarities, exaltation materials, and more. The reward is issued only after using 40 units of the original resin. If you have already spent the resin, wait for the restoration, otherwise there will be no reward.

Item nameQuantityDescription
Friendship experience
Adventure EXP
200 units
The base currency of the game, used for trading
Evergloom Ring
1-3 unitsMaterial for pumping characters. At the moment it is only used for Bai Zhu, but in the future it can be applied to other heroes.
Parts of Vajrad stone
Used to upgrade the talents of some heroes. Different material variations can fall out of the boss: from a shard to a full-fledged gem
Pieces of Jade Shivad
Similar to the previous material.
Parts of Varunada Lapis Lazuli
Similar to the previous material.
Pieces of agate agnidus
Similar to the previous material.
Artifact set “Gladiator’s End”
1A powerful kit used in different builds. It can drop both 4* and the legendary variant.
Set of artifacts “Wandering Ensemble”
1Set of artifacts. May drop 4* variant and legendary counterpart.
1Set with the effect of increasing the chance of crit.
1Set with the effect of increasing elemental mastery.
1Set with the effect of increasing energy recovery.

Video guide

*We will add a video walkthrough a little later with the release of update 3.6.

That's all you need to know about where to find and how to kill the Monstrous Baptist boss in Genshin Impact. Now you can read our other guides on Genshin Impact, new quests, events and content in the game. Leave your comments below and bookmark our site so you don't miss anything.

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