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Dead Island 2: How to find Michael's trail behind the set [Michael Anders and the Holy Grail]

Find Michael's footprints behind the set in Dead Island 2

One of the stages of the mission "Michael Anders and the Holy Grail" can confuse you. We tell you how to find Michael's trail behind the set.

The story campaign of Dead Island 2 is filled with a lot of interesting details, thanks to which Los Angeles captured by zombies looks like a very real place. Despite the fact that most of the missions in the game are built in a linear manner, the unique design of each location and many interactive objects make it possible to use a variety of playstyles.

One of the most interesting locations in Dead Island 2 can be visited during the main quest "Michael Anders and the Holy Grail". In this mission, the main character finds himself on the set of a Hollywood studio, where, as you might guess, crowds of zombies are walking around.

How to find Michael's trail behind the set in Dead Island 2

If you are used to exploring every corner of the game locations, then you can easily pass this stage of the quest. However, if you want to quickly advance further in the story campaign, immediately go to the 7th recording pavilion, marked on the map. You can find the key to it in the dressing room.

Once in the pavilion, turn left and go past the brick wall. On the right you will see a wooden scenery with a white canvas hanging on it. Jump up this canvas and go further until you see a sign that says “Filming in Progress. Quiet on set, please.” Directly below it is a switch that you need to pick up.


Now you need to find the electrical panel. Just turn around, jump down and turn right. Go to the very end of this short path and turn left, where you will see an electrical panel hanging on the wall.

Insert the switch into it and turn around. You will see three control panels: the lighting equipment panel, the rain special effects panel, and the temple door special effects panel. You need to turn on the special effects of the temple doors, after which a crowd of zombies will attack you, which you need to fight.

After that, you will have a new task - "Keep looking around." You need to go through the newly opened temple doors to get to the next location. The further path is built in a fairly linear way: you just need to move forward through various high-budget scenery.

On the way, hordes of the walking dead await you, as well as interactive traps in which you can lure opponents. Follow the yellow quest marker further until you get the next task - "Follow in the footsteps of Michael."

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