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Honkai Star Rail Base Zone Triple Authentication Door: How to Open and Where to Find Access Cards

Triple Authentication in Honkai Star Rail

Open the door in the base zone to be rewarded with a 4-star Erudite Light Cone in Honkai: Star Rail, but it requires Triple Authentication.

In addition to an exciting turn-based game, Honkai: StarRail also offers interesting explorations of the Hertha space station. While the semi-open world is limited, there are plenty of things players can do and a large number of hidden quests and achievements.

In addition to exploring just about everything, fans can also find hidden quests. For example, there is a locked room in the northern part of the base zone. When players attempt to open the door, a message will appear stating that the locked base zone door in Honkai: Star Rail requires Triple Authentication Cards to open.

Where to find access cards in the Base Zone in Honkai Star Rail

In order to open the Triple Authentication Door in Honkai: Star Rail in the Base Zone, players must first find all three access cards. Once they have all been collected, the trailblazer will receive a message telling him to travel to usual place. Normal a place located in the northern part of the base zone where there is a square room to the west.

If players are unable to enter this hall, then they have yet to speak with Abraham in the quest "Renaissance Road" .


Once inside, you will encounter two enemies from the Annihilator, so be prepared before you enter. Defeating an enemy will unlock a Precious Treasure Chest containing a 4-Star Erudite Light Cone "The Importance of Breakfast"Collecting some items will also grant an achievement "Seventeen Years Card" in Honkai: Star Rail, which grants an additional five Star Jades.

If it's hard for players to find access cards, then here's a hint for all three levels of authentication:

  • 1 Level: talk to the Man with Lush Hair.
  • 2 Level: indoors on a hill in the storage area.
  • Level of 3: 300 meters from Observation Room.

Level 1 access card - man with lush hair in the Control Zone


To get your first authentication card, go to Main control area and find a man with lush hair. Now talk to him five times, until the players receive a level 1 card.

Level 2 access card - storage area


Next, travel to the eastern part of the Storage Area and enter the room. Once inside, you will see an orange bridge. Don't cross it, but instead turn left.


After that, activate the control devices one by one, making your way to different parts of the location. The last control device will create a blue bridge.


Cross the blue bridge to get to the room on the top floor, and then examine the glowing marker by the door, after which you will receive the second level card key.

Level 3 access card


To find the last card, simply move north from the locked door until you reach the opponents fire from spaceguarding a luxurious chest. These enemies are vulnerable to physical, ice, and quantum damage types, so it is recommended to take in your squad Natasha, Gert or March 7. After defeating the opponents, you will receive a key card of the third level and will be able to open the door with a triple authentication system.


After successfully collecting all access cards and opening the door in the Base Zone, the pioneers will receive the following rewards:

  • 5000 credits;
  • 50 hertariums;
  • 2 adventure journals;
  • Erudition light cone "Importance of breakfast";
  • Achievement "Map of Seventeen Years".

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That's all you need to know about how to find three access cards to unlock the Base Zone Triple Authentication door in Hongkai Star Rail. Now you can read our other guides on new quests, events and content in the game. Leave your comments below and bookmark our site so you don't miss anything.

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Poison Ostrich
Poison Ostrich
1 month ago

It is not at all clear how to take card-2. As if the panel lacks one to go to the blue bridge last.

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