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Honkai Lofu Xianzhou Scammer Guide: Star Rail (3 Achievements)

Encounter with a scammer at Honkai Star Rail

You can get one of three achievements by completing the hidden mini-quest with the scammer in Lofu Xianzhou in Honkai: Star Rail.

One of the biggest pleasures in Honkai: Star Rail is finding a hidden mission while inspecting a random item in the game world, which is not uncommon. For example, if you stumble upon the lone Cloud Knight Glaive left behind in Lofu Xianzhou, you can start a small secret quest.

As soon as you touch someone else's weapon, its alleged owner will immediately run up to you and state that you allegedly damaged his glaive, demanding compensation from the protagonist. Of course, in this situation, you yourself are not entirely right, but you have nothing to worry about, because before you is the most common scammer. After meeting with the rogue, you can get one of three possible achievements: Lost and Found, Don't Need Aliens, or Greed Is No Vice. We tell you what conditions must be met for each of these achievements.

How to start the meeting with a scammer in Lofu Xianzhou quest

To trigger this hidden mission in Honkai: Star Rail, travel to the western part of the Central Harbor of the Starskiff Retreat and find the Cloud Knight's Glaive that stands alone against the wall. Click on the "Inspect" button and select the option "Pick up and make a few swings", after which an unfamiliar man will immediately run up to you, who will say that this is his weapon.

Here you can either pay the supposed owner of the glaive or scare him into running away. In any case, you will receive one of the three achievements, so do not worry about which option to choose.

Passing a meeting with a scammer in Lofu Xianzhou


After the rogue has left, head to the Balance Commission's Office located in the Exalted Shrine. Find the crook, approach him and select the line "It's you, scoundrel!".


Next, talk to Jingyang and select the line "I was swindled by a scammer" to continue the hidden quest.

After that, four replicas will appear in front of you, with the help of which you can get three different achievements.

How to get the Lost and Found achievement in Honkai Star Rail

Select the answer "Return the credits stolen by the scammer" and get the Lost and Found achievement.

How to get the No Alien achievement in Honkai Star Rail

Choose the answer "Do not return the credits that the scammer stole" and get the Alien achievement is not needed.

How to get Greed Is No Vice achievement in Honkai Star Rail

Choose the answer "Return more credits than the scammer took" and get the achievement Greed is not a vice.


If you did not give money to the swindler, then the replica "Not at all" will allow you to get the achievement "Lost and Found" (the same achievement is issued if you were cheated, but you returned exactly the same amount). If you gave the scammer any amount, but decided not to return it, then you will receive the “No Alien Needed” achievement. Finally, if you part with 250 credits, but decide to get 500 or even 5 credits as compensation, then you will be given the achievement "Greed is not a vice."

For each of the achievements, you can get a reward in the form of 5 star jade, so there is not much difference between them. After talking to Jingyang, this secret mini-quest in Honkai: Star Rail will come to an end.

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How to get all points or can I choose only 1?

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There are several cases in the game when there is a choice of points, respectively, in them you can get only 1 point from the choice. For example, this quest or Clara's quest (no spoilers here)

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it will be very strange if you can not take everything ((

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