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Where to find the bio-container key by the pool in Dead Island 2

The key to the bio-container by the pool in Dead Island 2

In Dead Island 2, you can find many locked boxes with valuable loot. We tell you where the key to the biocontainer is hidden by the pool at the Galperin Hotel.

If you have not yet mastered the basic gameplay mechanics of Dead Island 2, then finding the keys to various boxes and containers can be a rather difficult task for you. However, if you are not in a hurry to complete the main quest line and methodically clear the streets of Los Angeles from all kinds of zombies, then sooner or later you will be able to collect all the necessary keys.

The Bio Container by the pool in the Halperin Hotel can be found early in the game, but the key to it will appear in the game much later. To get it, you need to kill a special zombie with a name, which is located near this location.

How to get the pool biocontainer key in Dead Island 2

You've probably already noticed that special named enemies often drop unique items like keys, with which you can open previously inaccessible boxes and containers. Many of these enemies only appear on the map after you complete a certain story quest.

In order to get the key to the bio-container by the pool, you need to complete the main task "Michael Anders and the Holy Grail". After that, go to the Halperin Hotel and look for the Sun Lover on the map. This point is located in a huge pit with debris from the road and is signed as "Many Vomiters". The tanner is just one of those vomiters.

The desired zombie can be identified by the name that appears above its health bar, so it is not recommended to spend time and effort killing other vomiters in this area, but focus only on it.

The Suntanner is slightly stronger than regular Vomiters, but uses the same techniques as other zombies of this type. You need to get as close to him as possible and attack him with powerful melee weapons while dodging his volleys of poisonous vomit. However, if you have upgraded long-range weapons in your arsenal, you can use them by firing at the enemy from a safe distance. Once the Sunburner is dead, you can pick up the key to the bio-container by the pool from his corpse.


Having obtained the key, return to the Halperin Hotel and go to the pool filled with alkali. At the other end of the pool, you'll find a small booth with the optimistic "Things will be fine" sign on the wall, right below which is a yellow container. loot.

The bio-container by the pool contains a unique weapon, the level of which is tied to the level of the protagonist. To improve the chances of dropping rare or superior weapons, it is recommended to open this container in the later stages of the game.

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