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Genshin Impact: Dukkha - How to Find the Great Song of Hvarna in the Cave [When the Light of Hvarna Manifests]

Dukkha in Genshin Impact

Dukkha in Genshin Impact is a stage during the quest “When the light of evil appears” in the expanded desert area from patch 3.6. During the task, we need to find several great songs of Khvarna, during the “Dukkha” stage, we find one of these songs.

In the article, we will figure out how you can get this subquest, what stages it consists of, what difficulties may arise along the way, and where the song is located.

How to get the quest When the Light of Hvarna Manifests: Dukkha in Genshin Impact

The stage one way or another begins during the execution of the main task. The task is divided into three stages, where you need to find the songs of Hvarna. Two of them are quite simple (Dukkha and Samudaya), and the songs can be found without solving particularly difficult puzzles, for the third one (Nirodha) you need to go through a separate dungeon and solve difficult puzzles. You can complete them in any order, so when you get to these stages, simply mark the quest as active and proceed with the execution.


How to pass When the Light of Hvarna Manifests: Dukkha in Genshin Impact

Find the great song of Hvarna in the cave

Let's start walking. Open the map and see the location of the quest marker. We teleport to the nearest point and get the rest of the way on foot. The right place is located near the gates of Zu-l-Qarnayn, and the nearest (and most convenient) teleport is not far from the Tunigi breach (marked on the screenshot).


From the teleportation point, move towards the quest marker.


The passage is located near the gray crystals. We go there and continue to follow further.


We pass next to the vines until we reach a huge room with four-leaf symbols, where we tried to contact the dendro dragon during the tasks of the legends of Nahida.


We jump and fly to the left side, where the quest marker leads.


Near the teleport point we see a passage from below. We go there.


Along the way, we stumble upon hydro slimes, destroy them so as not to interfere, because soon it will be necessary to use the help of Sorush, and at this time the hero will be left without protection.


Not far from these slimes, at the end of the cave we see a large green hvarna - this is the song that we need.


Use Sorush, fly up and use her E-shku to pick up the song.


The stage ends here.


Upon successful completion of When the Light of Hvarna Manifests: Dukkha, travelers will receive the following rewards:

  • Primogems (20 units);
  • Mora (10k);
  • Adventure experience (100 units).

Video guide

That's all you need to know about completing the Dukkha quest in Genshin Impact and how to find the song of Hvarna in the cave. Now you can read our other guides on Genshin Impact, new quests, events and content in the game. Leave your comments below and bookmark our site so you don't miss anything.

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