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Genshin Impact: How to follow the tracks and find clues [Explore the marked Soshi Fatui Camp]

Follow the trails and look for clues in Genshin Impact

At the request of Sosha, you need to find the lost fragments of the monument - for this you need to follow the footsteps of Fatui.

The Monumental Exploration questline, added in patch 3.6, includes several quests in the desert area. Soshi from the order of skeptics asks Lady Sorush to find all the fragments of the Khvarna monument - it is known that if you collect all four fragments, you can seize power comparable to the power of the gods.


At the request of Soshi, we have to find several Fatui camps and follow their tracks in order to move further along the Monumental Research questline. The fact is that the enemies are pursuing the same goal and are trying to collect four fragments in order to use them for selfish purposes.

Quest "Explore the Soshi Marked Fatui Camp" in Genshin Impact


To start the Monumental Exploration quest line, you need to talk to Soshi, after which she will mark the Fatui camps on the map, as well as give clues about the location of all the fragments. Next, you need to visit each camp, destroy all opponents and find new clues. After clearing the last camp, you can go in search of fragments of the monument.

How to start the quest chain "Monumental Research"


Teleport to the Statue of the Seven Archons in the Gavireh Lajaward area and then fly south. Approach Soshi from the Skeptic Order and start a conversation, after which the quest series "Monumental Research" will start. After that, Soshi will take you to the northwest from the gates of Zu-l-Qarnayn and show you the monuments of Hvarna.

She will ask Lady Sorush to retrieve the missing fragments of the monument before Fatui's agents get to them. Pari doubts Soshi's intentions, as she knows that all the fragments are ways to grant unimaginable power to their possessor. However, Soshi makes it clear that she is not acting out of selfish convictions. After that, the Heroine from the order of skeptics sends the Traveler and Sorush to search for these artifacts, marking Fatui's camps on the map.

How to Explore the Soshi Marked Fatui Camp


In total, you have to visit two camps that you need to explore in order to find clues. To get to the first one, head northeast from the Zu-l-Qarnain gate and defeat Fatui's squad. Approach the boxes next to the tent, where you will find someone's diary. The records in it say that a commander named Markozov checks the camps at a strictly defined time.


To get to the second camp, move to the teleportation point east of the gates of Zu-l-Qarnayn, and then move to the southeast. Destroy the opponents and read the memo lying on the bags near the tent.


It turns out that the commander will arrive with a check at the main camp at exactly noon. Go to the menu, select the "Time" item and scroll through the time until tomorrow between 10:00 and 14:00.

How to complete the quest "Follow the tracks and look for clues" in Genshin Impact


Move to the teleportation point northeast of the Tunigi Gap and run northeast to find the main camp. You will not find the commander here, but you will find footprints in the sand at the entrance to the camp.


From the first path of footprints, turn east to find the second path and continue in the same direction. Each footprint track is marked with a small white arrow.


If you don't want to look for traces, just head southeast to the teleportation point. Once you get to it, you will encounter Fatui's squad.


Defeat the opponents and continue to go to the southeast. As a result, you will reach Commander Fatui, who must also be defeated in order to advance along the questline.

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