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Genshin Impact: How to use the spirit core to connect the circuit and activate the left door of the mechanism

Use the spirit core to connect the chain and activate the left door in Genshin Impact

With the help of the core of the spirit, you can destroy the gray crystals, in order to then connect the chain and activate the door on the left.

The Kaenri'ah civilization plays an important role in the history of the Teyvat continent in Genshin Impact. This legendary civilization was destroyed long ago by a cataclysm, but remnants of their technology can still be found in the vastness of Teyvat. A few hundred years later, most of the machinery still works perfectly, indicating that the technological progress of the Kaenri'ah was clearly well ahead of its time.


During the exploration of Teyvat, we, as a Traveler, have already seen various technologies of this civilization. These include, for example, the Strange Statue in Mondstadt, as well as various Guardians of the Ruins, which can also be found in the dungeons of Mount Devantaki. By now, you've probably become accustomed to the inventions of the Kaenri'ah.

Therefore, when Nasejuna leads the Traveler to another dungeon with the remnants of the technologies of ancient civilizations, you will see already familiar objects. As part of the quest "When the Light of Hvarna Manifests", you must interact with energy blocks and relays in order to solve the puzzle.

How to Use the Spirit Core and Activate the Left Door in Genshin Impact


After picking up the core of the spirit, find the energy relay near the Anemo monument. Place a spirit core on it to get rid of the gray crystals.


Next, move the converter until it is directly in front of the energy relay. After that, rotate it so that it faces north.


Then find the second transducer and place it opposite the first one. It also needs to be deployed to the north.


If everything is done correctly, then the energy from the electrical relay will reach the control panel, due to which the door on the left will open.

Where to find the second spirit core in Genshin Impact


Then follow the new route. Soon you will see a fairy who will lead you to the next point in the dungeon.

On the way you will meet hilichurls and mitachurls. Defeat them and use the nearby mechanism to open the door to the lower floor.


Jumping down, you will see a small green pond. On the other side is the mechanism needed to drain the liquid. Get to it and start the mechanism to get the second spirit core.


After acquiring the spirit core, make your way through a small hole - this route will allow you to quickly return to the control center and talk to Nasejuna to continue the quest "When the Light of Hvarna Manifests".

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