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Genshin Impact: How to Find the Lost Fragments of the Monument [Monumental Research]

Lost monument fragments in Genshin Impact

To help Soshi, you need to find the 4 Lost Monument Fragments with Sorush.

Find the Lost Monument Fragments in Genshin Impact - an easy mission in the storyline Monumental Study. The chain is divided into several quests. During one of the tasks you have to find and destroy one of the leaders of the northerners (Fatui), and in this one you have to find and collect four fragments of the monument for Sosha. In this article, we will figure out how to start and complete the task, where each of the four fragments is located, how to pick them up and what reward is provided at the end.

How to get the quest Find the missing monument fragments in Genshin Impact

The task is issued automatically immediately after the completion of the dialogue with the girl named Soshi. We begin the quest “Monumental Research”, the girl tells why she needs pieces of the monument, after which new quests appear in the journal. We select the search for lost fragments as an active one and proceed to the passage.


The storyline quests can be completed in any order. If the commander of the Fatui detachment has already been destroyed, it remains only to find the fragments, if not, after searching for the fragments, you will have to find and destroy him.

How to complete Find the Lost Monument Fragments in Genshin Impact

Search for the lost fragments of the monument with the help of Sorush

The quest consists of four stages. One piece, one step. There are no quest markers, you will have to look for it yourself, and this will require a note that Soshi gave us. This note has some pretty obvious clues about finding the monument fragments. It is recommended to go through the storyline in advance “Hvarna of good and evil” to unlock access to all the right places and easily move around the expanded desert area using teleport points and statues of the Archons. The search must be carried out with the help of Sorush, since only she sees the fragments.

First fragment

To search for the first part of the monument, we teleport to Zurvan, which is located near the oasis, not far from the giant tree.


We run a few steps from Zurvan towards the oasis. GG does not see the desired fragment, so we use Sorush and immediately see a piece of the monument.


Now we just fly up and pick up. The first fragment was successfully found, it remains to find the rest.

Second fragment

The next place to look is the Barsom Hills. This can be found in the note. We teleport either to the nearest teleport point, or to the nearest dungeon. Now we get to a huge beautiful tree near the hills.


Once at the tree, we use Sorush again and immediately see the second piece of the monument.


We fly over there and pick it up. No complications. As soon as the second piece was taken, we begin to search for the remaining two.

Third fragment

Now we teleport to the swamps and get to the huge vines, where, during the passage of the “Hvarna of Good and Evil” storyline, they cleared the purple fog and saved the bet. 


Having reached the huge vines, use Sorush and see the third fragment from above. We fly in this direction and pick up.


The last piece is left.

Fourth fragment

The last piece is located near the Tuniga breach, which can be reached from the specified teleportation point.


We find a huge tree with pink-purple leaves. This is the place where you need to look for the last fragment.


We take Sorush and fly up to the highest point of this tree. On the edge we see the last fragment.


The task ends here.


As soon as all 4 fragments are collected, a reward is automatically issued. 

  • Primogems (20 units);
  • Adventure experience (150 units);
  • Mora (25k).

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