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Genshin Impact: How to Search the Road for Missing Sketches [Free Floating Artist]

Search the road for missing sketches in Genshin Impact

The task “Look around the road for missing sketches” as part of the quest “An artist in free swimming” appears on the second day after the start of the quest.

The "A Free-Floating Artist" quest line in Genshin Impact is divided into several missions, each of which opens a day after the completion of the previous one. The first task was to find Julien and help him find the missing things. The next day, Paimon will offer the traveler to visit Julien.


Go to Julien's camp, after which you will find that he has disappeared somewhere. Follow the quest marker and save Julien from the monster attack. Next, talk to the artist, and he will tell you that he lost his bag with sketches somewhere in the cave. You need to find these sketches and return them to Julien in order to complete the second mission of the quest "A free-floating artist".

How to search the road for missing sketches in Genshin Impact


Having received the task, go in search of a hidden passage in the cave. From the entrance to the cave, move straight to the first fork, where you need to turn left.

Note: In this location, Mihir could previously be found trapped in a purple mist. If you haven't unlocked the cave yet, you'll need to complete the Sorush quest first.


Move on until you see a glowing mark on the ground. Explore it, and then slowly go forward - in just a couple of steps you can find a hidden passage that is very easy to miss.


It is located to the left of the main path, and right in front of the passage you can see the core of the spirit. Pick it up and it will lead you to the artist's missing sketches.


Soon you will reach several hilichurlas sitting near an easel. Destroy the opponents and explore this point. After that, go to the far left side of the grotto, where the dog Perchik sits.


Get to the end of the passage where Pepper was sitting and find a bag with sketches. The dog, meanwhile, will run back to the camp. Return to Julien and talk to him.

"A free-floating artist" - Julien's story


The camp will have a long dialogue with Julien, during which Paimon will ask him about the sketches, being sure that these are photos taken with a special camera. However, Julien will reveal that these are actually his own drawings. He has the ability to realistically draw everything he sees, but because of his inability to "correctly" distinguish colors, his work looks peculiar. He believes that he fully deserved such a shortcoming, since artistic skills appeared in him from birth, and he did not make any effort for this.

Julien will also reveal that he has decided to travel through Sumeru to find a cure that will allow him to "correctly" see colors. However, he has already come to terms with the fact that an ordinary person like him will not be able to get this miracle cure. After once again apologizing to the Traveler for not being able to reward him in any way, Julien will ask to be escorted to the main road.

After that, another conversation will take place, at which the second task of the quest "An artist in free swimming" will come to an end. The third mission in this chain will open only the next day.

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