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Genshin Impact: How to Connect the Circuit [When Light of Hvarna Manifests: Nirodha]

Connect the chain in Genshin Impact

In this part of the quest, you need to connect the energy circuit to the main control panel.

After charging the energy cores with the energy block, you will open the passage to the next room, where there are many transducers sealed in gray crystals. To advance on the quest "When the Light of Hvarna Manifests: Nirodha”, you need to connect the circuit using all the converters in this room.


This is a rather difficult puzzle that can take a lot of time. This guide will help you solve it as quickly as possible in order to get to the testing ground and continue the main quest.

After inserting the power unit into the destroyed core, Nasejuna will advise us to inspect the control system relay, since the system remains inactive.

How to connect a circuit in Genshin Impact


As soon as you enter the hall, Paimon will note that the energy is coming from a device above. However, some of the transducers are sealed in gray crystals, so the first thing you need to do is follow the two fairies that will lead you to the two spirit cores.


The first fairy is located directly opposite the entrance to the hall. Follow her up the stairs to the north to find the first Spirit Core, then follow her back to the puzzle area. Leave the core of the spirit between the two transformers opposite the entrance to the hall to get rid of the gray crystals.


The second fairy is to the right of the entrance to the hall. Follow her along the cave to find the second spirit core, and then place it between the two transformers to the left of the entrance to the location.


After getting rid of all the gray crystals, you need to rotate the converters in such a way as to connect them to a single circuit. Start with the transducer opposite the entrance and rotate it so that the energy flow reaches the transducer on the right.


Then follow the direction of the flow, turning the transducers in the desired direction, until you get to the locked gate. To open them, you need to turn the converter in front of the gate to the right, and then activate the control panel.


After that, go into the opened area and turn the transducer inside so that the arrows on it coincide with the direction of flow.


Rotate the remaining transducers so that the energy flow reaches the main control panel.


The main part of the converters is located to the left of the exit, and immediately after the fork on the right there are two more converters that need to be rotated so that the energy flows to the control panel from both sides.


As soon as you connect the circuit, the main control panel will be activated, and with it the last gate leading to the test site will open. In this location, the final part of the quest "When the Light of Hvarna Manifests: Nirodha" awaits you.

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