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Genshin Impact: How to show Julien an unusual landscape [Free floating artist]

Show Julien an unusual scenery in Genshin Impact

How to show Julien an unusual scenery in Genshin Impact - one of the steps in the quest “Free float artist". During the stage, you have to take control of the flower keeper and fly over the flowers in the correct sequence. This is a small puzzle that must be solved in order to complete the task and receive a reward. This type of riddle was added with patch 3.6.

In this guide, we will figure out where to show the landscape and how to do it.

How to show Julien an unusual scenery in Genshin Impact

To complete the stage, we first start the task “Artist in free swimming” and go through until we get to the corresponding stage. The quest marker leads us to an oasis, where it is easiest to get from the specified teleportation point.


We just get to the quest marker and start solving a small puzzle to complete the stage.

Purify all sunyata flowers

This type of puzzle first appeared in update 3.6, along with the flower keeper. It is for her that we have to play. Just equip it in inventory, then press Z (default), take control of it and start flying. First, we go closer to the center where there are flowers, and go from one end to the other, as indicated in the screenshot below.


As soon as the central “island” is passed, more flowers appear nearby. Let's fly there.


We go further, we continue to follow the indicated route until the flowers appear again.


In the indicated way we get to the finish line. After reaching the last flower, particles appear on top that need to be collected. We return along the same path, collecting all the particles on the way.


Once all the particles are collected, the stage ends, after which you need to talk to Julien. 


Video guide

That's all you need to know about how to show Julien the unusual scenery in Genshin Impact and purify all the sunyata flowers. Now you can read our other guides on Genshin Impact, new quests, events and content in the game. Leave your comments below and bookmark our site so you don't miss anything.

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