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Genshin Impact: How to Enter the Corrupted Chambers to Find the Hearts of Spenta [Hymn to Tir Yazad]

Enter the Corrupted Chambers to find the Hearts of Spenta in Genshin Impact

In this quest, you need to clear three corrupted chambers in order to awaken the deity of the bet.

By starting the quest "Hymn of Tir Yazad" you will need to go through the Chinvat rite along with Sorush, Rashnu and Mihir. The main purpose of the ritual is to cleanse the Harvisptohm tree from filth. This rite is usually performed under tainted trees, but due to recent events, you will need to prepare yourself thoroughly for this ritual.


You need to enter the Harvisptohm tree in order to awaken the deity of the wager. Her consciousness resides in a giant lotus called Gaokerena. If you manage to get rid of the filth, then the Flower of Holiness will bloom again, after which Amrita will cleanse the earth of all impurities.

How to enter the Corrupted Chambers to find Spenta Hearts in Genshin Impact


To find the Corrupted Chambers, head to the Tunigi Gap and place all of the Great Songs of Hvarna. Then you will need to protect three giant trees from the attacks of opponents with the help of Sorush, after which you will open a path inside the breach. After that, it remains to enter Harvisptokhm through a tunnel in the depths of the gap. You will end up in a giant lotus, after which you will need to enter the three corrupted chambers and cleanse them in order to awaken the deity of the wager. Go south, where you will find a teleportation point and a four-leaf symbol near it.

First Corrupted Chamber


From the teleport point, turn left and look up to use the four-leaf symbol and fly north to the first corrupted chamber. Land on the platform and pick up Hvarna to activate the chamber entrance. Next, go inside and follow these steps to collect two Spenta hearts:

  • Run to the edge of the cliff and hold the activation button of the Sorush skill to find rock fragments floating in the air.
  • Jump onto the piece of rock to reach the lower platform.
  • Move the red four-leaf symbol to a higher platform using the Sorush skill.
  • Follow Hvarna to the rock.
  • Summon Sorush again and move the red four-leaf symbol higher again.
  • Fly over to the next platform.
  • Defeat opponents and take the first heart of Spenta.
  • Move on and again approach the edge of the platform. Hold down the Sorush skill activation button to reveal a piece of rock floating in the air, which is located under the red four-leaf symbol.
  • Move the symbol closer to the next platform and fly towards it.
  • Follow the second Khvarna to find a red symbol under a rock fragment.
  • Place it between two platforms to cross the chasm safely.
  • Take the second heart of Spenta.
  • Move the previous red symbol to move to the next platform.
  • Fly to the exit using the usual four-leaf symbols.

Second Corrupted Chamber


From the entrance to the first chamber, move east using the four-leaf symbol until you find Hvarna, which will show you the way to the second chamber. After that, head south to reach the entrance to the second corrupted chamber. Its procedure is as follows:

  • Approach Hvarna at the end of the platform
  • Defeat opponents and take the first heart of Spenta.
  • Head south and use the four-leaf symbols to climb up to the top platform.
  • Approach the second Hvarna and destroy the Hounds of the Rupture.
  • Take the second heart of Spenta.
  • Fly to the exit using the symbols created by Sorush.

Third Corrupted Chamber


After leaving the second chamber, turn around and look up, where on the right you will see a four-leafed symbol, with which you can climb onto the platform. Move along the only possible path, and then use the Sorush skill to create several paths of light, along which you can get to the last location - a labyrinth with two Spenta hearts.

  • Go right and follow Hvarna, which will lead you to a dead end where the first heart of Spenta lies.
  • Return to the entrance and then go left.
  • Use two symbols to get to the crossroads.
  • Turn right at the crossroads and then right again. Don't take the route with the four-leaf symbols just yet.
  • As a result, you will reach the next intersection. Turn left following Hvarna.
  • Take the second heart of Spenta.
  • Go back to the previous crossroads and this time follow the path with the four leaf symbols that will lead you to the exit.
  • Use five symbols and then move forward a little.
  • Turn right and use two symbols to get to the beam that contains the exit from the location. Ignore Paimon's comments about being lost.

Tip: You can switch to Sorush to fly higher and look around to see the right path.

After collecting all the hearts of Spenta, return to the giant lotus to begin the Chinvat rite. You will have to defend the Holy Flower from waves of enemies to complete this quest.

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