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Genshin Impact: Pari Sorush - how to get, what you need and how to upgrade

Sorush in Genshin Impact

Sorush in Genshin Impact is the analogue Lilupar. She appeared in patch 3.6 and performs a number of important functions that will help you further advance through the expanded desert area (3.6). As in the case of the genie Lilupar, Sorush is used to solve many puzzles, to open access to some locations and for story purposes. In this guide, we will figure out how to get and activate Sorush, what it is capable of, where and for what it is useful.

How to get Sorush in Genshin Impact

We meet Sorush during the quest “The Majestic Sky of That Day” - the first quest in the “Hvarna of Good and Evil” storyline. She herself approaches us during the battle with the guard, and after talking with the leader of the order of skeptics in the course of the same task, she becomes our companion and appears in the inventory, in the tools section.


How to use Sorush in Genshin Impact

After finding Sorush, she appears in the inventory and is displayed as a tool (as was the case with the genie). When equipped, she will fly alongside us and travel. However, if you use it as a normal tool (press the appropriate button), you can take control of Sorush. 


In this state, you can fly, use her special sprint and abilities. All this will be needed to solve some puzzles and further progress in the story. 

How to level up Sorush in Genshin Impact

Like Lilupar, Sorush will level up during the course of the new storyline, gaining new features and visual changes. 


Why Soroush is needed in Genshin Impact

The flower keeper is useful in many aspects. Without it, it is impossible to gain access to some important story locations, which will make further progress in the story impossible. In addition, thanks to her abilities, you can solve some puzzles and get valuable rewards, you can take part in special challenges, and just explore the world without restrictions, because she moves very quickly and can fly. 


Now let's consider for what purposes exactly Sorush can be used.

Plumage collection

Important material (currency). Can be traded to level up Amrita Lake and receive a number of valuable rewards, including materials for leveling heroes, mora, Primogems, and more. For maximum pumping, you will need to collect x36 units of this material, which cannot be done without the help of the flower sovereign, since the items are out of reach.


Udumbara flowers

Traveling through the new desert area, you can stumble upon glowing areas on the rocks. Thanks to Sorush, you can activate these points so that Udumbara, a new type of flower, begins to grow there.


light flowers

In the open world and in the course of completing tasks, you can also stumble upon other types of plants - light flowers, which initially look like an ordinary closed cocoon. However, thanks to Sorush, they can be opened, and light flowers, in turn, open access to four-leaf symbols, making it much easier to move around the world.


Special four leaf symbols

Thanks to the new mechanics in patch 3.6, Sorush will be able to do the incredible thing - move some of the four-leaf symbols around the area, allowing him to adjust the area to his needs. 


Picking nirodha fruit and breaking amrita crystals

The Keeper of the People of Pari can collect special fruit that repels filth, which, as a rule, are located in rather inaccessible places and can be reached by flying.


You can also stumble upon special crystals (see the screenshot), which cannot be destroyed by conventional means, but Sorush can do it.


An achievement is associated with this system, for which you first need to pick up fruits, and then use them to break the crystal. In total, the action must be repeated 15 times.

Fog removal

As you travel through the expanded desert area, you may come across purple clots of fog that need to be removed. Thanks to the abilities of the flower keeper, this can be done, but first you have to defeat the dangerous monsters lurking in the fog. Get ready for a fight.


Destruction of gray crystals

During the passage, you can stumble upon gray crystals that block the passage further. Without Sorush, you can't get any further. She can temporarily open a passage, allowing you to get to important plot points and solve riddles.


Fravashi trees

Plants that can be found in some places. They play an important plot role and allow you to collect the feathers of the purifying light.


road of light

Exploring the extended area of ​​patch 3.6, you can stumble upon strange greenish blobs of energy that cannot be activated without the presence of a flower guardian. Through these orbs, Soroush can create paths of light, unlocking the way forward. 


Flowers of Shunyata

Some flowers are tainted with corruption, thanks to the flower guardian they can be cleansed. In addition, puzzles with valuable rewards are associated with these colors. 



Thanks to the flies, you can “resurrect” the flowers. It will require both the correct game for ordinary characters, and for Sorush. You need to take a ranged hero to be able to direct the flies towards Sorush, and she, in turn, will resurrect the flowers with the help of these flies.


Great Song of Hvarna

Although this function is not available at the beginning, as Sorush levels up, it will be possible to cross special barriers in order to raise the creatures of Hvarna.


Barriers of Hvarna

Along with pumping Sorush, it becomes possible to create protective barriers. They can be created using special green orbs that can be found in certain places.


Rising Spirit

The aforementioned green blobs can be blocked by vines. You can access them using the flower keeper.


That's all you need to know about how to get Sorush in Genshin Impact, how to level up and use the bet. Now you can read our other guides on Genshin Impact, new quests, events and content in the game. Leave your comments below and bookmark our site so you don't miss anything.

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