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Cheetah in Honkai Star Rail: best build [guide]

The best Cheetah build in Honkai Star Rail

This guide will help you build the best Cheetah build using the most appropriate light cones and relics, as well as help you correctly form a squad with him.

One of the best five-star characters in Honkai: Star Rail that can be obtained through banners is the Cheetah. He is the commander of the Silvermane Guard of Belobog and a member of the aristocratic Landau family, who follows the Path of Preservation.

Cheetah Landau is responsible for defending the city and maintaining peace and tranquility in Belobog, and the young commander takes his position very seriously.

This is a character that specializes in defense, and he does a great job of absorbing enemy damage. The Cheetah is great for distracting opponents from more vulnerable allies, and among its innate abilities is taunting enemies.

Bryson Baugus (English version), Furukawa Makoto (Japanese version), Ma Yang (Chinese version) and Min Seung-woo (Korean version) voiced the brave commander who fights the Fragmentum's monster armies.

This guide contains all the necessary information to help you put together the best build for the Cheetah and unlock its potential with well-chosen relics, light cones and eidolons.

Best Cheetah build in Honkai: Star Rail

The Cheetah follows the Way of Conservation and has strong defensive skills. He can protect his squad in many ways during combat. His ult "Sturdy Bastion" gives allies a powerful shield that absorbs a significant amount of damage.

When building a Cheetah, you need to prioritize defense, speed, and the synergy of its effects with the skills of other squad members in order to maximize the utility of the character.

Before diving into the details, let's start with a brief overview:

  • The best light cones: "Moment of Victory", "Landau's Choice", "The First Day of My New Life", "Galactic Market Trend", "Amber".
  • The best relics and decorations: "Knight of the Palace of Purity", "Guardian of the Snowstorm", "Belobog of Architects".
  • The best allies: Zele, Tingyun and Pela.

Best light cones for Cheetah in Honkai: Star Rail

Some of the most effective light cones for the Cheetah include:

  • The moment of victory;
  • Landau's choice;
  • First day of my new life;
  • Galactic market trend;
  • Amber.

Keep in mind that you need to use the Save Path weapon to activate Cheetah's passive skill.

Moment of Victory, the Cheetah's signature light cone, increases its defense, as well as the chances of hitting effects and taunts, making the Cheetah effectively become the squad's tank. What's more, when a Cheetah armed with Moment of Victory is attacked, its defensive stats are greatly increased.

Moment of Victory is a XNUMX-Star Light Cone, so it can be tricky to get it, depending on your luck. However, as an alternative, you can use one of the four-star cones "Landau's Choice", "The First Day of My New Life", "Galactic Market Trend") or the three-star "Amber" weapon.

Landau's Choice also increases Taunt while reducing damage taken by 16%. First Day of My New Life increases the wearer's defense by 16%, and at the start of combat, increases damage resistance for all allies by 8%.

Best Cheetah Relics in Honkai: Star Rail

Some of the most effective relics for the Cheetah include:

Knight of Purity Palace

  • 2 pieces: Increases defense by 15%.
  • 4 pieces: Increases the wearer's shield absorption by 20%.

Guard of Wuthering Snow

  • 2 pieces: Damage taken is reduced by 8%.
  • 4 pieces: At the start of the turn, if HP is at or below 50%, immediately restore 8% of maximum HP and 5 energy.

Planar decoration "Belobog of Architects"

  • 2 pieces: Increases the wearer's Defense by 15%. If the wearer's effect hit chance is 50% or higher, defense is increased by an additional 15%.

The Cheetah will need artifacts that increase defense, effect hit chance, and speed. Therefore, when choosing relics for the Cheetah, you should focus on these indicators.

"Knight of the Palace of Purity" is the best relic for the Cheetah in Honkai: Star Rail. If you use a 15-piece set, Cheetah's defense is increased by 4% when attacking enemies, and a 20-piece set increases the maximum damage absorbed by the shield by XNUMX%.

Thus, the best Cheetah build should include the Knight of the Palace of Purity. On top of that, you'll also need Snowstorm Guardian, another important item for shield-wielding characters.

Best Cheetah squads in Honkai: Star Rail

The Cheetah will operate most effectively as part of the following units:

  • Cheetah, Zele, Tingyun, Pela;
  • Cheetah, Zele, Tingyun, Armor;
  • Cheetah, Asta, Zele, March 7.

The main task of the Cheetah in the squad is to create shields that will protect his allies from incoming damage. Cheetah's additional skill increases the chance that he will be the target of enemy attacks.

The damage in the squad with the Cheetah should ideally be answered by Zele and Pela, who have the most powerful attacks. The fourth in the team, you can take Tingyun, which is able to restore the energy of allies, as well as enhance their attacks. Even though Cheetah is not affected by the damage increase from her ultimate, you can significantly increase the duration of his shields with the extra energy provided by Tingyun.

Another possible lineup is Cheetah as a shield builder, Asta as a support, Zele as a DPS, and March 7 as a secondary attacker.

Materials for ascending and leveling Cheetah tracks in Honkai: Star Rail

Cheetah is one of the best ice element characters in Honkai Star Rail.

Raising Cheetah Materials

To raise the Cheetah to the maximum level, you will need the following resources:

  • Silvermane Guardian Badge: 20
  • Silvermane Guards Insignia: 18
  • Silvermane Guard Medal: 13
  • Snowhorn: 66
  • Credits: 308

Materials for leveling Cheetah tracks

To level up the Cheetah tracks, you will need the following resources:

  • Bronze Endurance: 18
  • Oath of Frozen Steel: 69
  • Amber Guardian: 139
  • Silvermane Guardian Badge: 42
  • Silvermane Guards Insignia: 56
  • Silvermane Guard Medal: 58
  • Guardian's Sorrow: 12
  • Imprints of Destiny: 11
  • Credits: 3

Cheetah's abilities in Honkai: Star Rail

  • Cheetah Basic Attack: Fist of Persuasion

Deal Ice damage to a target enemy equal to 50-130% of Cheetah's attack power.

  • Cheetah Skill: Intimidating Strike

Deals ice damage to one enemy equal to 100-250% of Cheetah's attack power and has a base 65% chance to inflict Freeze status on the enemy for 1 turn. An enemy with the Freeze status cannot take actions and will take additional frost damage equal to 30-75% of the Cheetah's attack power at the start of each turn.

  • Cheetah Super Power: Strong Bastion

Places a shield on all allies that absorbs damage equal to 30-52.5% of Cheetah's defense plus 150-769 damage for 3 turns.

  • Cheetah Talent: Unbending Will

When receiving a finishing blow, the Cheetah does not become unable to fight. Instead, it immediately restores 25-62.5% HP. This effect can only trigger once per battle.

  • Cheetah Technique: Fellowship

Using a technique places a shield on all allies at the start of the next fight that can absorb damage equal to 24% of Cheetah's defense plus 150 damage for 2 turns.

Eidolons of the Cheetah in Honkai: Star Rail

  • E1 - Due Diligence: Using a skill increases the base chance to inflict Freeze status on the enemy by 35%.
  • E2 - Lingering cold: After the Freeze status inflicted by a skill is removed, the target's speed is reduced by 20% for 1 turn.
  • E3 - Never give up: Super level increased by 2, max level 15. Talent level increased by 2, max level 15.
  • E4 - Faith moves mountains: When Cheetah is on the battlefield, all allies' status resistance is increased by 20%.
  • E5 - Cold Steel Fist: The skill level increases by 2, the maximum level is 15. The basic attack level increases by 1, the maximum level is 10.
  • E6 - Unwavering Determination: Talent proc pushes Cheetah's action forward by 100%, and it also recovers 50% additional HP.

How to play Cheetah in Honkai: Star Rail


Cheetah is currently one of the best defense characters in the game, however, this is his only function in the squad. The fact is that his basic attack scales noticeably lower than that of other support characters, and his single-target skill does fairly modest damage. However, it does have a decent chance to freeze enemies, which deals additional frost damage at the start of their turn and leaves them vulnerable to melee damage.

Cheetah's ultimate creates a shield for the entire squad, and his special talent saves the Cheetah from a fatal blow once per battle. If you don't have enough energy regeneration, it is recommended to use the Cheetah technique before the start of the battle, so that during the battle all your characters will be with shields, and the Cheetah will begin to restore its energy bar.

Despite his limited role in the squad, the Cheetah is perfect for challenging boss fights and long VR battles, as well as formidable foes. A squad with a Cheetah will certainly be able to do without a healer, and in the vacated slot, you can choose a DPS character or another support.

Keep in mind that a Cheetah squad must have a powerful DPS character like Zele or Clara, as well as a Path of Erudition hero like Himeko. It is also recommended to use Tingyun, Armor or Asta in the squad to help allies restore energy and increase their speed.

Is it worth it to knock out the Cheetah in Honkai: Star Rail

The Cheetah is one of the guaranteed five-star characters in the rookie banner; this character will always remain available in the standard banner. Therefore, do not rush to knock it out in the first weeks after the release of the game. It may well be worth holding onto your Star Jades to wait for new characters and see if they can compete with the Cheetah.

However, if you have a few Star Passes that you don't mind spending, it's still a good idea to knock out the Cheetah to get a valuable defense character for your squad.

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