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Deadly Caustic X in Dead Island 2: how to start and complete the quest [guide]

The deadly Caustic X in Dead Island 2

The side quest "The Ruinous Caustic X" is very easy to miss. We tell you how to pass it and what rewards you can get.

Dead Island 2 contains a surprisingly wide variety of content. Despite the fact that the game world is divided into several separate zones, and the passage of the story campaign turned out to be a little more linear than in open world titles, Dead Island 2 features dozens of interesting side quests.

As you progress through the main story missions, you will unlock new gameplay mechanics and exciting side quests, one of which is the "Destructive Caustic X" quest.

How to start the "Deadly Caustic X" quest in Dead Island 2

To unlock this side mission, you first need to complete certain story missions, as is the case with most side quests in the game.

This will happen in the early stages of the campaign, namely after completing the main quest "Michael Anders and the Holy Grail" at the Monarch studio. After you receive the next story mission from Sam B and walk through the building with a huge spider animatronic on top, you will hear a radio near you.

Approach him and press the interaction button to chat with Hana, a student from Venice College, who will ask the protagonist to return to the Halperin Hotel, where their friend Rav is stuck.

Walkthrough "Deadly Caustic X" in Dead Island 2

Talk to Rav and find a receipt for the supply of Caustic X


Warning: It's recommended that you first complete Sam B's "Legal Zombiecide" story mission, then switch to the "Caustic X Caustic X" side mission, and then move on to the next story mission in which you'll need to return to Emma's mansion. Otherwise, you will have to clean up the Monarch Studio from zombies again.

After heading out to rescue Rav, follow the same path to the Halperin Hotel as during the Major Booker Room Service mission. If you have already unlocked the fast travel system by this point, use it to get to the hotel.

Next, go to the banquet hall, where you previously fought the first crusher in the game - Becky's Bride. On the second floor of the hall you will see Rava. He will tell you that he came here on a tip from a doctor friend to investigate the experiments that the army conducted with the Caustic X substance, but after a zombie attack, Rav was trapped in a hotel.

Next, we will need to find the ambulance Rav was talking about. It is located in the parking lot of the Galperin Hotel, directly opposite the entrance. Just follow the blue quest marker to find the red car. Near it, you will encounter a former ambulance driver turned vomiter and one crusher. Kill them both and then look around the area around the ambulance. On one of the garbage cans is a receipt for the supply of Caustic X. To approach it, pour water on the lye around the garbage cans or quickly run up to the tank and pick up the quest item, and then use the first-aid kit. After that, return to Rav in the banquet hall.

Give a beat and go to the pool


Having reached the banquet hall, you will receive a new task - to give a beat and distract the zombies so that they do not interfere with Rav. Approach the DJ set at the far end of the hall and press the interaction button to proceed to the next stage of the task.

Here you will have to fight off several waves of zombies without leaving the banquet hall while Rav studies notes left by scientists. After you deal with 20-25 zombies, Rav will report that he managed to find data on the Caustic X substance.

According to him, the substance is really capable of destroying zombies, but he needs to see field tests to make sure the data is accurate. To do this, you need to go to the pool of the Halperin Hotel, where another skirmish with zombies awaits you. They need to be destroyed with Caustic X while Rav writes down the results.

As soon as you get to the pool, a new task will appear - "Try all the ways to kill zombies with lye." To complete it, you need to kick zombies into the lye pool with kicks (the fastest way), blow up lye barrels when the dead pass them, or lure enemies into green pools of Caustic X substance. After destroying 14 different zombies in this way, you complete the side quest. It remains only to receive rewards from Rav.



As soon as the protagonist returns to the banquet hall, a small dialogue will take place with Rav, who will praise the hero for his outstanding achievements in the field of exterminating zombies. He will say that he will develop a new weapon, which should be much more effective against the undead than ordinary acid. As a reward for completing the quest, we will receive a drawing "Rare modification of the liquidator, melee" and an alkaline bomb:

  • Rare Assassin Mod, Melee - Changes the damage type of a melee weapon to alkaline and noticeably increases its damage.
  • Alkali Bomb is a new projectile that looks like a tube bomb, however it is filled with Caustic X instead of explosives. When thrown, the Alkali Bomb leaves a puddle of lye, dealing damage to all nearby zombies and applying the Dissolve effect to them .

These are quite valuable rewards, since alkali damage is one of the most powerful in Dead Island 2. Unfortunately, using weapons with alkali damage in multiplayer is highly discouraged in order not to accidentally hit allies.

Video guide

That's all you need to know about how to complete the Dead Island 2 Caustic X quest. Now you can read our other guides on the game. Leave your comments below and bookmark our site so you don't miss anything.

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