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Honkai Star Rail: How to find clues in the Corridor of Disappearing Echoes [Ancestral Drill]

Ancestral drill in Honkai Star Rail

In this side quest, you will need to help out Serval's new assistant in the workshop and help her solve the problem with the heirloom.

Adventure Missions in Honkai: Star Rail are great sources of materials, Star Jades, and Exploration experience, especially early in the game when you desperately need all three of these resources. Some of these side quests can be completed very quickly, but some of them will take you a long time.


Once you reach Mastery level 24 in Honkai: Star Rail and complete the Out of Control story mission, you will receive a message from Serval regarding Molly, her new assistant. This will start a relatively long side mission, during which you will have to visit a location taken over by the Fragmentum in order to open a locked family heirloom tin. We'll show you how to complete this quest.

Central square of Belobog


After starting the quest, you need to go to the Administrative District of the city of Belobog to help Serval and Molly find someone to help them with their problem. The only one that comes to mind is Pela. The serval will offer to look for her in the city, so return to the Administrative District and look at the bookstore near the flower shop.

Pela will help Molly decipher the clue on the locked case and suggest that the key to the heirloom is in the Corridor of Fading Echoes. After completing this dialogue, you will have to gather a squad and go to a new quest zone.

How to find clues in Honkai Star Rail's Vanishing Echoes


In this part of the quest, players will need to travel to the Corridor of Fading Echoes with Pela to find clues related to Molly's locked case. You can use Nakhodyusha, however, he will sometimes confuse you. There are three places to visit:

Hint 1


The first point is located near the locked gate not far from the starting location. Once in this area, follow the alley and turn right and then left. Place Nakhodyusha right in front of the barbed wire fence near the gate, and then click on the pop-up button to get a portrait with a hint.

Hint 2


After taking the first clue, follow the blue quest marker back up the stairs and open the locked gate. Go through the courtyard and follow the archway. The second clue is in a pile of crates next to the exit.

Hint 3


For the final clue, follow the blue quest marker again to the courtyard with the large generator. Then turn right and follow the winding streets leading to an isolated section of the map. The clue is on the ground at the edge of the wall.

Unlock the rotating bridge


After collecting all the clues, go back through the lanes and open the locked gate that leads to the rotating bridge. Interact with the controllers to turn the bridge. You need to do this in the following order:

  • Clockwise;
  • Counterclock-wise;
  • Clockwise.

Once the bridge is unlocked, turn it counterclockwise twice. Then return to Pele on the other side and defeat the elite enemy at the quest marker to complete this challenge. This is not a particularly difficult fight, so you can use any unit that suits you.

After you win the battle, you will find yourself in the Nezimier workshop. Talk to Molly and give her the portrait found in the Corridor of Dying Echoes. After a short conversation, the adventure mission "Ancestral Drill" will come to an end.


Upon successful completion of the Ancestor's Drill quest, trailblazers will receive the following rewards:

  • Experience 350
  • Star Jade 60
  • Condensed Ether 5
  • Shields 200
  • Credits 25

Video guide

That's all you need to know about how to find clues in the Corridor of Vanishing Echoes and complete the Ancestral Drill in Honkai Star Rail. Now you can read our other guides on new quests, events and content in the game. Leave your comments below and bookmark our site so you don't miss anything.

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