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Honkai Star Rail: How to find the treasure according to the instructions on the map [Wisdom of Survival]

Find the treasure according to the instructions on the map in Honkai Star Rail

In his quest Wisdom of Survival, Sampo presents two treasure maps for players to find valuable loot.

Upon arrival at Yarilo VI in Honkai: Star Rail, players will soon encounter a suspicious guy hiding in the snow. This person, Sampo, will present the group with a few problems, but will also help them solve some problems along the way. After he helps the Pathfinders uncover information about Stellaron from Svarog, the group must discuss what to do next.

Unfortunately, after completing this quest, players won't be able to continue as the next main mission requires Mastery level 24. In order to help players gain pioneering experience, Sampo will re-engage players in his suspicious business by providing them two treasure mapswhich they can find in Honkai: StarRail.

Where to find the treasure map in Honkai Star Rail

To dig up the first Sampo Treasure Map, players must head north to where the camps are.


Next to the tent, there will be a glowing spot on the trash can for players to explore. However, you soon discover that the treasure map Sampo gave them is a fake.

Agreeing to help Sampo in Honkai: StarRail, the protagonist refused to help him find three items, so he bargained for two. Apparently, this Treasure Map leads to item number three, which means he tricked Pathfinder into finding all the items for him.

Luckily, this marks the end of the quest, and this time Sampo will give them real treasure map. Players will also receive the following gifts for completing the mission:

  • Pioneer XP x250
  • Star Jade x40
  • Shield x100

Where to Find the Real Treasure Map in Honkai Star Rail


Now, in order to find the location of Sampo's Real Treasure Map in Honkai: Star Rail, players must return to the camp and head west to the edge of the map.


At the end of the cart path, players will find a second glowing dot. Explore it to find a precious treasure and get an achievement. "The Psychology of Greed" in Honkai: Star Rail. Precious Chest adds the following bonuses to hard-earned players:

  • Pioneer XP x30
  • Star Jade x30
  • Shield x80

Quest Wisdom of Survival in Honkai Star Rail


The Wisdom of Survival quest in Honkai: Star Rail automatically starts once players follow the main quest and reach the point where they solve the problem with Svarog, and now they need to wait until Mastery level 24 to continue the main mission.

Sampo will send a message saying he needs help and the mission will be automatically added to the players' quest book. Now players simply have to visit him in the mine and ask what he needs. Of course, it's no surprise that the suspicious guy wants the Pathfinder to do some of the duty of finding lost things.

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That's all you need to know about how to find the treasure according to the instructions on the map in Honkai Star Rail in the Wisdom of Survival quest. Now you can read our other guides on new quests, events and content in the game. Leave your comments below and bookmark our site so you don't miss anything.

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