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Honkai Star Rail: how to take apart and create your own relics

How to dismantle relics in Honkai Star Rail

Players may encounter the Relic Synthesis quest during Honkai: Star Rail daily training, here's how to complete the mission.

Relic in Honkai: Star Rail is equivalent to Artifact in Genshin impact. This gear is one of the most effective for farming, but also the most difficult as it heavily relies on RNG. As in Genshin impact, HSR also has some relic experience materials. However, unlike its predecessor, whose Artifact EXP material can only be obtained through special means such as events or Fluffy's shop, players can gain Relic EXP in Honkai: Star Rail by dismantling them.

Instead of getting paid for the removal of relics, in Honkai: StarRail parsing system relic will recycle the destroyed item into relic experience, allowing players to increase their level up experience. In addition, the analysis of the relic in Honkai: StarRail opens up the possibility for players to eventually create their own relic by completing their build with fewer random numbers.

How to dismantle relics in Honkai Star Rail

To disassemble the relic in Honkai: StarRail, players just need to open the relic page and find the button take apart at the bottom of the screen. Players can do this from their inventory or on the relic upgrade page.


After entering the scrapping page, select the relic that players want to get rid of, then press the button again to recycle the item into materials to increase the level of the relic. The resulting material depends on the rarity of the dismantled relic. Here is the experience reward for each material to level up the relic in Honkai: StarRail:

  • Lost dust of light: 100 experience
  • Lost golden particles: 500 experience.
  • Lost Crystal: 1000 experience

How to create your own relic in Honkai Star Rail


Meanwhile, a 5-star relic will give 10 relics. Unlike the other three items that are used to level up a relic, relics play a more important role. Upon reaching Ascension 3 (Level 40+), players will unlock a new feature. This feature allows players synthesize relics.

Using 100 relics, players can choose any part any relic set, although the relic's primary and secondary stats will remain random. However, if players get their hands on a limited item called self-modeling resin, they will also be able to customize the main stat of the relic, making it much easier to farm relics.

Relics in Honkai Star Rail 


Total in Honkai: StarRail six relics. Four of them are part of a regular set and can form 2- and 4-piece sets, while the other two form another 2-piece set. The last one is called planar decoration; these relics can only be obtained from the virtual universe. Meanwhile, a regular 4-piece set can be obtained from a typical farming dungeon.

Like artifacts in Genshin impact, each item has its own set of basic characteristics:


  • HP (flat)


  • ATK (flat)


  • HP%
  • Attack Power%
  • Protection%
  • Critical Damage%
  • Crit chance. hits%
  • Effect Hit Chance%
  • Healing Bonus%


  • HP%
  • Attack Power%
  • Protection%
  • Speed

planar sphere

  • HP%
  • Attack Power%
  • Protection%
  • Elemental Damage Bonus%

Connecting rope

  • HP%
  • Attack Power%
  • Protection%
  • Penetration effect%
  • Energy Recovery Rate%

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