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Honkai Star Rail: Chests in the Support Zone - where to find and how to open

All Chests in the Honkai Star Rail Support Zone

Some support zone treasure chests are not available unless players complete certain missions in Honkai: Star Rail.

The Hertha space station is divided into several compartments, including the Base Zone, the Storage Zone and other areas. In each of these locations, several chests with valuable rewards are hidden. This guide will help you find all the chests located in the Support Zone.

Where to find all Chests in the Support Area in Honkai Star Rail

Normal chest 1

The first chest is located near the electrical substation in the Support Zone. Move to the dimensional anchor of the same name and go south to find a room with a chest. This location will be available after completing the initial story quests.

Normal chest 2


Teleport to the central dimensional anchor and head south, then turn west to find a second normal chest.

Normal chest 3


It is in the same room as the previous chest. You can find it in the northeast corner of the room.

Luxury Chest 4


To get this deluxe chest, you need to solve the repulsive bridge puzzle on the first floor of the Storage Area. She is part of the Out of Reach quest, in which you need to help a stranded explorer. This task will be available after you upgrade your Pathfinder to level 22.

Luxury Chest 5


Found west of the dimensional anchor in the Parts Depot.

Normal chest 6


This chest is hidden in one of the dead ends in the Storage Area.

Space piggy bank


Can be found during the quest "People have feelings."

Normal chest 7


Located north of the space anchor on the platform. You need to get to the room on the upper tier, where you will find a regular chest near the table.

Normal chest 8


It is located right next to the spatial anchor on the platform.

Chests of varying value 9-12


Four chests can be found in the control room by completing different stages of the "People Have Feelings" quest. This mission in Honkai: Star Rail is divided into three parts:

  • People have feelings I: you can get two valuable chests in succession.
  • People have feelings II: you can get one valuable chest.
  • People have feelings III: You can get one deluxe chest.

Normal chest 13


This chest is associated with a quest that will become available after you upgrade your Pathfinder to level 21.

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