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HoYoFair 2023: Spring Wonder Garden Web Event at Genshin Impact

Spring Wonder Garden in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact HoYoFair Spring Fan Art Special Event Coming Soon! You can read all about it on the official HoYoFair account. In the meantime, there's a new web event that rewards you with an exclusive avatar frame as well as a prize draw ID that allows you to enter the draw itself.


An avatar frame will be issued after you complete the eligibility requirements. There may be a delay in the issuance of rewards from 5 to 10 minutes. The winners of the live prize draw will be announced during the stream on April 15th.

Gameplay details 

In Razor's language, you need to complete all 3 worlds by reaching the finish line. These fragments are not even prioritized, since you can still get the frame and prize pool ID without completing the fragments. But I want to complete all three worlds, so there you go!

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Where to find all the fragments in Spring Wonder Garden in Genshin Impact

World 1


On the platform

When you start the challenge, go to the right and keep following the path until you need to get to the platform above. Continue down the path again until you see a floating glowing ball.


Through the stone wall

After descending on the lift, go right and stop when you see the cracked pavement above your character. Jump and keep attacking the rocks at the top to break them and get the second fragment.


Before the finish line

Keep following the path and you will see it just before you exit the world to the bushes that will lead you to the second world.

World 2


For Pyro Slime

When you first enter the world, there will be a Pyro Slime underneath you and a glowing orb next to it. Cut the vine on the platform to your left to drop it to the right next to the slime.


In the secret door

Keep following the path until there are many slime enemies in a line. At the end of this road, jump into the forest above and go forward to open a secret door. The fragment is there.


Before the finish line

Keep following the path and you will see it just before you reach the bushes that will take you to the third world.

World 3


On a floating platform

Once you start the challenge, use the mushroom in front of you to reach the platform above and cut through the vine to get the first fragment on the second platform.


On an orange mushroom

Keep following the path (up or down doesn't matter), but if you're using the ground path, use the green mushroom in front of the Hydro Mold and Slime to jump to the top of the large orange mushroom behind you. The second fragment is on top of it, behind Dendro Mold.


Defeat all enemies

In the last part, defeat all the enemies to collect the last fragment.

Collect all the fragments in Spring Wonder Garden in Genshin Impact


Go to the progress page view and select each of the worlds to merge all the fragments. There is no puzzle here, just one click and you're done. Don't forget to get rewards to get your frame and enter the prize pool! You don't have to do anything for the prize pool ID, just wait for the winner to be announced on the day of the stream on April 15th.


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