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How to heal in Dead Island 2

You will have to use various healing items to survive the onslaught of enemies in Dead Island 2.

Making your way through the numerous locations presented in Dead Island 2, you will constantly stumble upon crowds of the undead. Cranks, walkers and other varieties of zombies are always ready to attack the unsuspecting protagonist. If you miss a few of these attacks, then sooner or later your health bar will drop to zero, and you will die.

Fortunately, you have everything you need to fight back the army of monsters - you can destroy them either with the help of an impressive arsenal or using the features of the environment. However, in some cases, you will not be able to avoid damage, so you will have to learn how to restore health. This guide will show you how to do it.

How to heal in Dead Island 2

During the passage of the story campaign, it is very important to maintain your health at the maximum level, since a group of carnivorous monsters can quickly deal with you, taking the main character by surprise. If you find yourself bleeding, or just want to better prepare for the upcoming skirmish with enemies, you will need to use a first aid kit - the easiest and most effective way to restore health.

If you have a first aid kit in your inventory, simply press the down button on the D-pad to use it and quickly restore health. Keep in mind that it is not instantly restored - it takes a few seconds. If at this moment one of the opponents hits you, then the restoration of health will be interrupted, therefore it is recommended to use first-aid kits only in secluded places, being away from opponents.

First-aid kits also have a nice bonus - after using them, all effects that cause him damage (bleeding, poison, shock, and others) are removed from the hero. Thus, if during a fight with a horde of the undead you not only lost some of your health, but also earned a couple of negative effects, then you can fix the situation with just one first-aid kit.


If you don’t have first-aid kits at hand, as well as resources for crafting them, then you shouldn’t be upset. In the game world there are many other items to restore health. Inexpensive protein bars and energy drinks fall into this category, which gradually fill the rage bar - it can later be used to go into rage mode and inflict devastating attacks on opponents.

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