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How to find the paper crane near the terminal in Honkai Star Rail [support area]

How to find the paper crane in Honkai Star Rail

Players must find a paper crane near the terminal if they want to unlock the computer southeast of the support area in Honkai: Star Rail.

The Hertha space station in Honkai: Star Rail is a huge place where players can explore the layers of floors and rooms. The space station, as the name suggests, was built by Herta, the 83rd member of the Society of Geniuses. It is said that this place is intended for storage or a museum of curiosities and other strange objects. While exploring the spaceship, players will encounter some of these features, such as the rated pistol, which can be used to rate even a living creature (or make Pom Pom cry).

Of course, in addition to interesting devices, some researchers and other spacecraft workers also live on the Hertha space station. That's why players have stumbled across some workspaces like meeting places or just typical locked computers. In the Support Zone, one computer even requires players to find a paper crane next to the terminal in Honkai: Star Rail.

How to find the paper crane near the terminal in Honkai Star Rail

To find the paper crane next to the terminal in Honkai: Star Rai, players just need explore the crane right outside the door, hidden under a plant. There are also other cranes in the area, but they only give random information, unlike this one, which provides the computer's password, namely 1233321234567.


After getting the correct paper crane in Honkai: StarRail return to the computer and enter the password by selecting first option, 1233211234567 . This will unlock the PC and reward players with:

  • XP x20
  • Credits x5000

Unfortunately, there is no achievement for this quest, so players will not receive five additional Star Jade.

How to find the Paper Crane Quest in Honkai Star Rail


To find the Paper Crane quest in Honkai: Star Rail, head to the Support Zone east waypoint and head south. There, players can examine the screen and it will ask for a password. After accidentally pressing the keyboard, players will be locked out and will need to reset their password.


Выберите answer to security question, and players will have to correctly select the available options.

  • Who has had the biggest impact on your life? Hertha
  • What is the most outstanding research achievement you have achieved on the space station? No results 
  • Where is the spare physical security card for this terminal kept? Solving the mystery in a flying paper crane.

After the players confirm the security question, they now need to find the paper crane that contains the computer password.

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