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How to find the Tempering Workshop in Honkai: Star Rail

Tempering Workshop at Honkai Star Rail

This guide will help you find the Tempering Workshop in Honkai: Star Rail and tell you what rewards you can get for it.

In the vastness of the game world in Honkai: Star Rail, you can find many secret locations and areas that do not appear on the maps. As a rule, these hidden regions can be reached during various missions. Often for this we have to explore a huge piece of the map in an attempt to find a secret location. A similar case also occurs during the passage of the task "No one answers" - the mission of Clara's companion.

As part of this quest, we will need to find the Tempering Workshop, the location of which, of course, is not displayed on the map. Thus, we need to independently guess where to look for her in order to complete Clara's story quest. The only clue is that you should look for the Workshop in Zklepkograd. This guide will help you get to this secret location.

How to find the Tempering Workshop in Honkai: Star Rail

During the passage of Clara's missions in Honkai: Star Rail, you will periodically have to collect various items and explore unusual locations. For example, the quests "No one answers" and "It's a pity you're not here" require you to visit the Tempering Workshop, but you can only find it if you study a solid piece of the map.

For the first time, we will go in search of the Tempering Workshop immediately after the end of the quest "An Unseen Weasel II". We need to talk to Clara after completing this mission, after which she will offer to meet at the Tempering Workshop. The only clue is that you should look for the Workshop in Zklepkograd - the game does not give other clues, so you will have to set its coordinates on your own.

Zklepkograd is located on the planet Yarilo-VI and is considered part of the Underdark. You need to travel to its central-western part to find the Tempering Workshop. In the north of the location, you can see a special storage where Natasha's things are. Inside the Workshop there are many boxes and TV screens, and in the middle of the room there is a table with various notes.


As you know, for completing some missions in Honkai: Star Rail, rewards are given in the form of unique items. When you get to the Tempering Workshop, talk to Pascal, a mysterious robot who will say that a valuable gift awaits you. It is a three-star sheet metal flower that looks like a silver rose. A beautiful flower can be found on the table on the right side of the monitor. The item's in-game description reads: "A cold metal structure, but beneath its petals, there may be a burning passion."

Some items in Honkai: Star Rail currently only have a cosmetic function and are not used in any of the quests. This applies to both the Exquisite Snow Globe and the Sheet Iron Flower. It is likely that in one of the future updates, all these items will have a practical use.

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