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How to beat Alesis Hernandez in Dead Island 2 (boss fight guide)

Alesis Erandes in Dead Island 2

Alesis Hernandez is a rather difficult boss from the Dead Island 2 story mission. We tell you what strategy to follow in order to defeat him.

Dead Island 2 takes place in the Los Angeles quarantine zone, which the locals call L-Ad. It is not surprising that during the passage of the story campaign, the hero will need to look at several film sets in order to deal with a crowd of zombies and save all the survivors. The battle with the second boss will take place on the set of the film "Rise of the Spider God", but the protagonist will not have to fight with the spider at all.


Instead, the second boss will be Alexis Hernandez, who has turned into a vomiter - one of the highest varieties of zombies. These monsters spit volleys of poisonous vomit, leaving behind pools of lye that deal damage on contact. Defeating Hernandez is not that difficult, but you will need to be patient and use the environment wisely to finish the fight as soon as possible. This guide will help you choose the right strategy and weapons for the fight with the boss and tell you which Hernandez's attacks should be guarded against more than others.

How to beat Alesis Hernandez in Dead Island 2

The set of the film "Rise of the Spider God", which you will get to during the quest "Michael Anders and the Holy Grail", is a wide open space where you can move freely without fear of being cornered. Despite the fact that the boss moves very slowly, his attacks can take you by surprise. Below are some tips to help you deal with Alesis Hernandez as quickly as possible.

Stay close to the boss


Alesis Hernandez uses the same techniques as other vomiters that can be found in the game. Most often, he will spit poisonous bile while slowly moving around the arena. Despite the warning sign before the start of the fight, it is recommended to attack the boss with a melee weapon. Since he moves at a snail's pace and only spits in one direction, you can always seize the moment to get behind him and unleash some powerful attacks.

The ideal time to attack is those few seconds while Hernandez vomits the area in front of him. Walk around him from behind, get the most powerful melee weapon from your inventory and attack the boss, aiming at his head to increase your chances of critical damage. At the same time, do not forget to look under your feet in order to accidentally step on the poisonous puddles that Alesis leaves behind.

Prepare for battle properly


Before the battle with Alesis Hernandez, it is recommended to stock up on first-aid kits and all the necessary melee weapons so as not to run around the arena in search of supplies during the battle. On the right side of the building is an open door, behind which lies a first aid kit, which will come in handy if you have little health left.

Additional weapons will be required at the stage when a group of zombies will join Hernandez. It is advisable to keep several modified types of melee weapons with different types of damage on hand. Ordinary opponents must be eliminated first of all, so that they cannot drive you into pools of bile in the arena, which will become more and more over time. These puddles not only deal damage over time, but also slow your movement.

The arena contains several special effects control panels that can be used as traps for zombies and Hernandez himself. With their help, you can pour water on the location, summon fire from underground, or activate an animatronic in the form of a giant spider that will start pouring alkali on everyone who is nearby. One of the special effects control panels is responsible for the explosion of the truck, and it can only be used once per battle. Try to lure as many opponents as possible to a particular trap to increase its effectiveness.

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