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How to defeat the crushers in Dead Island 2

How to kill crushers in Dead Island 2

The Crushers are among the most dangerous enemies in Dead Island 2. We tell you what strategy to follow in order to defeat them.

During your adventure in zombie-infested Los Angeles, you will surely see a lot of interesting sights. This list includes not only abandoned houses and burning pieces of equipment, but also the mutated local population, which, at every opportunity, tries to tear the hero to pieces. Among them, there are also enemies that are stronger than ordinary walkers, including crushers - one of the varieties of deadly zombies.

Crushers are muscular giants who, by their very appearance, make it clear that they are not to be trifled with. They are able to quickly deal with the protagonist, if you let them get closer. However, they have a couple of weaknesses, which will be discussed below. This guide will help you choose the right strategy to destroy the crushers in Dead Island 2.

Who are the Crushers in Dead Island 2

Crushers are a type of deadly zombie that usually accompanies the common undead. They are distinguished by special survivability and endurance, and in their arsenal there are several powerful attacks that can take you by surprise. Given that there are always a few regular zombies around the smashers, fighting them can become quite difficult, even if your hero has a weapon pumped to the maximum.

How to defeat the crushers in Dead Island 2

Crushers are essentially a local variation of "tanks" that need to be dealt with as quickly as possible before they corner you. We tell you what to do if you encounter one or more crushers:

  • These deadly zombies often use a special attack, smashing the ground with their fists, which causes a shock wave that can knock the protagonist off their feet. In order not to suffer from this attack, just jump at the right moment - this will allow you to dodge the shock wave if you suddenly find yourself in its radius of action.
  • Immediately after hitting the ground or kicking, Crushers are in a vulnerable state for a few moments. Waste no time and attack them with the most powerful weapons.
  • Crushers are resistant to explosive damage, but are vulnerable to weapons that inflict bleeding. It is recommended to hit them on the head and arms, ignoring the legs - the most impenetrable part of the Crusher's body.
  • Cripple the hands of the smashers so they can't slam the ground with them, making them much easier (and more fun) to fight.

The shockwave that the Crushers create is also capable of drawing the attention of other nearby zombies, so keep moving and keep an eye on your surroundings so that the enemies cannot encircle you. Don't forget to use throwable items that will help you finish the battle as soon as possible. In the future, you will come across new varieties of these deadly zombies like infernal crushers, so try to choose the right weapon for each battle.

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