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How to defeat the thresher in Mass Effect 1

How to defeat a thresher in Mass Effect

A guide to fighting the thresher, which can be called one of the most dangerous enemies in Mass Effect.

There are many hostile creatures in the Mass Effect universe that Shepard will have to fight, and some of them are a serious threat, especially if you play Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, where some opponents received noticeable strength buffs. During the passage of the first part, you will sooner or later encounter a thresher - a dangerous organic creature that uses acid spitting and its long tentacles in battle.

Defeating him is quite difficult, especially in the first few times, when you have not yet had time to properly study all of his attacks. This guide will help you choose the right combat strategy to defeat any thresher in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition without any problems.

Who are the threshers in Mass Effect

Threshers can be found on several planets while exploring the world of Mass Effect, including Antibaar, Chohe, Neferon, Nonuel, Trebin, and Zavin, so be prepared to fight them in advance.

Threshers are quite dangerous opponents, since they have solid health reserves, move quite quickly and can hide underground. They can use their tentacles to attack while underground, but more often they will spit acid. If in the original Mass Effect this attack consisted of only one volley of acid, then in the Legendary Edition it was strengthened - now threshers release several acid volleys at once, which are more difficult to dodge.

How to defeat a thresher in Mass Effect


You may not like the Mako all-terrain vehicle, but you won't be able to complete Mass Effect without it. This transport is especially useful during battles with threshers. Of course, they can be defeated without Mako, but then it will be much more difficult for you to dodge their acid volleys. Moreover, if the situation gets out of control, then on the Mako you can quickly leave the battlefield.

Tip: It is recommended to stock up on omni-gel, which will be useful for emergency vehicle repairs during battles with threshers.


During the battle with threshers, it is important to pay attention to both defense and attack. In order to inflict as much damage as possible on the Thresher while maintaining Mako's health reserves, the ATV cannot be stopped during combat. This will allow you to dodge the acid attacks of the enemy, in between which you need to shoot at the head of the thresher.

Tentacles can cause a lot of problems, so it is recommended to stay away from them. Each of the tentacles has its own health bar, but don't waste your time shooting each one - instead focus on aiming shots at the thresher's head. Once he is dead, the tentacles will no longer pose a threat.

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