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How to defeat Bride Becky in Dead Island 2 (boss fight guide)

How to beat Bride Becky in Dead Island 2

Becky's Bride is the first and rather difficult boss in Dead Island 2. We tell you what strategy to follow in order to defeat her.

Becky's Bride is the very first boss in the Dead Island 2 story campaign and introduces players to a new type of zombie. We need to "dance with the bride" in the banquet hall, and at the same time destroy her and the crowds of undead who periodically come to her aid.

Becky's Bride is a Crusher, the ultimate zombie variety with extremely powerful punches and high health pools. The battle with her takes place in the Halperin Hotel at the very end of the story quest Room Service for Major Booker. This guide will help you find the right strategy to fight her, so you can quickly deal with Becky.

How to beat Bride Becky in Dead Island 2

The fight with Becky can drag on for a long time if you do not follow the tips listed below:

Block Boss Hits


Blocking is one of the most important gameplay mechanics in Dead Island 2 and is highly recommended for any combat, including Becky. If you learn how to block enemy attacks in time, you will significantly reduce your health consumption. Moreover, each successful block will stun Becky for a few seconds. Take advantage of this opportunity and attack the boss with the most powerful weapon in your arsenal to deal critical damage to the boss.

After you repeat this attack several times, Becky will lose her balance and fall to her knees, giving you another chance to unleash a series of devastating attacks on her while she is in a vulnerable state. This strategy will come in handy in battles with all the other crushers that you can meet in the future.

Use healing items in the arena


In many locations in Dead Island 2, you can find various healing items such as first-aid kits, protein bars, and energy drinks. They are also scattered in abundance throughout the banquet hall. Examine the edges of the arena and the pile of letters in the center of the hall, where the most healing items lie. It's recommended to collect them all before you get to the radio and start the boss fight so that you can quickly regenerate health during the fight.

Dodge the shock wave


In addition to her normal attacks, Becky will periodically jump in your direction and slam her fists on the floor, creating a powerful shockwave. If you find yourself in its radius of action, you will be knocked down and you will lose some of your health. If you realize that you will not have time to run to the side, just jump up so as not to take damage from the shock wave.

Take a weapon with a powerful modification or use the features of the environment


Ideally, for combat, you will need a weapon that does not consume much stamina, since in addition to Becky, you will also have to fight with groups of zombies that will periodically enter the banquet hall. It is recommended to take an improved melee weapon - for example, a machete with an electric modification, which deals bonus damage to opponents. After defeating Becky, you will receive a new ability - "Battle Cry".

The arena also contains several exposed electrical cables that can be used in combat. If you pour water or gasoline from a canister on them and then trap Becky, she will take massive damage from electricity or from fire (depending on which canister you choose). You can also shoot down the lamps with throwable weapons, which can deal electrical damage to Becky when they fall.

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