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How to defeat the explosives in Dead Island 2

How to kill explosives in Dead Island 2

During skirmishes with explosives, you need to stay as far away from them as possible. We tell you what strategy to follow in order to defeat them.

Dead Island 2 impresses with the number of available ways to kill all sorts of undead. You can use the features of the environment, as well as numerous weapons from your arsenal, to destroy hordes of zombies. However, some types of the dead pose a serious threat to the main character - we are talking about deadly zombies.

These are more powerful opponents, which are improved versions of the normal infected. One of these enemies is the explosive. As soon as such a zombie sees the protagonist, he runs towards him as fast as he can, in order to then explode and stun you. We tell you how to defeat this enemy in Dead Island 2.

Who are the explosives in Dead Island 2

Exploders are deadly zombies filled with explosive gas and infectious black ichor that spread the zombie infection. Fortunately, the main character has immunity, but this does not mean that the explosives will not be able to damage him. Once they get close to you, they will explode, depleting your health bar, so don't let them get too close.

How to defeat the explosives in Dead Island 2

It is best to destroy these monsters while at a respectful distance from them, however this is not always possible. In order to get out of the battle with the explosive with minimal losses, it is recommended to follow the tips collected below:

  • Explosives are vulnerable to electrical and projectile damage, so any ranged weapon, including firearms, will work to destroy them. As soon as its health bar drops to zero, this monster will fall and explode.
  • These explosions can cause damage not only to the protagonist, but also to all zombies in the affected area. Thus, with the help of explosives, you can get rid of large groups of enemies if you manage to accurately time the final blow.
  • At the same time, you can impose certain effects on the explosion. For example, if you attack an explosive with a weapon that deals electrical damage, the zombies around it will take damage from both the explosion itself and the electrical discharges.
  • If the explosive manages to get close to you, use one of the melee moves like sweep or jump kick to throw the monster into the crowd of zombies and enjoy the spectacular explosion.

In the fight against explosives, you will also need various throwable items, as well as environmental features that can be used against them. The main thing to remember is that the farther you are from these deadly zombies at the time of the explosion, the more first-aid kits you will be able to save.

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