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How to get relics in Honkai: Star Rail

How to get relics in Honkai Star Rail

A guide to all the ways to get relics in Honkai: Star Rail, which will help to strengthen your characters.

Heirloom sets play an important role in Honkai: Star Rail as they greatly increase the character's overall power. In fact, they are an analogue of sets of artifacts from Genshin Impact and, when equipped, endow the hero with unique bonuses and effects. The strength of a set is determined by its quality (from 1 to 5 stars), and the more valuable the set, the better its bonuses and the more upgrades you can mono hang on it.

Relic sets in Honkai: Star Rail offer limitless character customization options. You can use different sets in certain hero builds. For example, a set with healing and defensive bonuses is great for a support character, while a set that increases damage dealt and crit chance is ideal for a hero who specializes in attack. Thus, with the help of sets of relics, you will be able to unleash the potential of each fighter and assemble the most balanced squad possible.

Note: From the very beginning of the game, there are many ways to improve the heroes available to you, and not all of them require the energy of Exploration. Of course, high-level equipment and upgraded sets of relics can significantly increase the strength of the character, but it is not recommended to spend all the energy of Mastering on them, especially if you are in the early stages of the game.

It is advised to first spend time on increasing the level of Balance and only after that start farming relics, since by this point you will have a better chance of knocking out five-star relics. This strategy will help you make the most of your resources and optimize your character builds.

Rewards for purchases in in-game stores

You can purchase XNUMX-star Relic Packs for your characters by purchasing them with a special currency that can be obtained by completing quests, opening chests, and exploring the world. After accumulating enough points, you can visit a special location merchant, whose location will be marked on the map with a special notification. From him you can purchase both four-star relics and other materials. The more often you spend a special currency, the more likely you are to get various rewards such as star passes, light cones and star jade.

Exploring the world (chests and other interactive objects)


Exploring various locations and opening chests along the way, you will find all kinds of loot, including low-level relics in the form of drops. However, in the later stages, you will increasingly encounter puzzle chests and precious chests, which have a chance to drop four-star relics.

Mastery Rewards


Relics from different sets are also given out for reaching certain levels of Mastery - they must be manually taken from Pom-Pom. At the initial levels, only low-level relics will come across among the rewards, but starting from level 20 and above, the chance of obtaining valuable relics will increase significantly.

Briefing mission rewards


By completing tasks in the Briefing section, you will receive a lot of Assimilation experience points, which will allow you to increase several levels. In some stages of the Briefing (namely, stages 3, 5 and 7), complete sets of relics are given out as rewards. Therefore, it is recommended that you keep track of the tasks in this section and complete them in a timely manner.

Universal synthesis machine


Once you reach level 3 of Equilibrium (by which time your hero will be at about level 40 or higher), you will gain access to the universal synthesis machine. With its help, you can craft unique relics with the characteristics you need.

Most of the stats are randomly generated during fusion, however you can use a custom resin to set the relic's main stat to your liking. Thanks to this device, you will have to send the necessary relics to farm less often, which will greatly facilitate the gameplay.

Echoes of War


Echoes of War in Honkai: Star Rail is similar to the weekly boss system from Genshin Impact. Upon reaching level 25, you will be able to participate in this event and receive certain relics as a reward. The main goal of Echoes of War is to farm unique materials needed to level up Character Traces, but participation in it is also rewarded with relic sets and light cones of varying rarity. You can participate in this event up to three times a week, so it is recommended to use all three available attempts.

Cave of Corrosion


In the Cave of Corrosion, you have the opportunity to get bonus sets of relics, which include from two to four items. From the very beginning, only a few areas of the cave are available to you, however, as you explore the world, you will find new areas of the Cave of Corrosion, for the passage of which you will receive additional relics.

At each stage of the Cavern of Corrosion there are two unique sets of relics, and depending on the chosen difficulty level, you will come across two or three additional relics of different rarity. It is recommended to take tests in the Cave of Corrosion with support characters in your squad. To collect rewards after completing tasks, you will have to pay 40 points of Energy of Exploration.

virtual universe


Upon reaching world level 3, you will be able to obtain planar ornaments inside the virtual universe, which include two sets of relics. In each of the worlds represented in the virtual universe, different sets of relics are collected. By raising your Balance to level 3 and leveling your character to level 40, you will significantly increase the chances of dropping five-star sets, which are usually dropped either by completing challenges or defeating bosses and elite enemies.

All rewards here, as in the Cave of Corrosion, can only be collected for 40 points of Exploration energy. If you have already completed the challenges of a particular world, and then leveled up and returned to get a five-star set, you do not have to go through everything again and defeat the boss - the desired set will most likely drop from the first enemies in the location.

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