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Sweet Berry in Stardew Valley: where to find and how to get

Sweet Berry in Stardew Valley

In Stardew Valley You can grow dozens of different crops. Most of them will be readily available to grow during each season, but some will require extra work to get seeds. One of these crops is the sweet berry. This rare berry, grown from rare seeds, is inedible, but it can be sold for a lot of money.

In this guide, we'll go over everything you need to know about the sweetberry, including where to find the rare seed and what to use the sweetberry for. First, let's see what kind of crop it is, and also at what price it is sold.

What is a sweet berry in Stardew Valley?

The sweet berry is described as a berry with «the sweetest smell you've ever smelled». A small berry has an incredibly high value, and it takes 24 days to grow it from a rare seed. In addition, this berry will only grow in autumn, unless you plant it in a greenhouse.

Sweet Berries will not continue to grow after harvest, meaning you will need to replant rare seeds. Below are the selling prices of sweet berries of different quality.

Regular qualityXnumx gold
Silver qualityXnumx gold
golden qualityXnumx gold
iridium qualityXnumx gold

Due to the uniqueness of the berry you can not put it in a barrel or tubBerries can only be sold or placed in a seed extractor to create rarer seeds.

Where to Find Rare Seeds in Stardew Valley


Rare seeds are sold by a traveling vendor who appears in the northern part of Cindersap Forest every Friday and Sunday.

In the spring and in summer you can purchase from one to five rare seeds for 1000 gold each. Seeds are part of her special supply during these seasons, and they will be available every time she appears.

In addition to the traveling trader's special supply, rare seeds have a 1,26% chance to appear in her standard supply. This is a constant supply of items that will change each time you visit the vendor.

In general, Rare Seeds can only be obtained from the Traveling Trader or the Seed Extractor.

Old master Cannoli and the sweetest taste


After gaining access to the Secret Forest, you will soon come across a statue of the old master Cannoli there. Interacting with the statue will display a message stating that the old master Cannoli is "still looking for the sweetest taste".

The taste he is looking for is just the sweet berry. Offer this berry to Cannoli and his eyes will turn red and you will get a star drop, which is forever will increase your maximum energy level.

Once Old Master Cannoli gives you the Star Drop, you will no longer be able to interact with him.

That's all you need to know about sweet berries. This rare little berry doesn't have many uses, but it makes good money. Since it takes 24 days to grow a crop, plant a few in your greenhouse and just wait until you can get paid for it.

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