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How to Solve Statue and Orb Puzzles in Hogwarts Legacy

Statues with spheres in Hogwarts Legacy

In Hogwarts Castle, you can find some strange statues with spheres in their hands, but it's not entirely clear how they can be interacted with.

Hogwarts Legacy has a large open world to explore, but you can find a lot of interesting things in the walls of castles. A huge number of secrets and puzzles are hidden in Hogwarts, some of which have not the most obvious solutions. For example, one of these puzzles involves statues holding strange orbs in their hands.

Solving puzzles in Hogwarts Legacy can earn you new gear or wand handles, and one of the most common rewards is the Manual pages. They contain a lot of interesting information about various locations and items, which makes them extremely useful for those who want to learn as much as possible about the world of magic. Part of the pages of the "Manual" can be obtained after solving puzzles related to statues that hold spheres in their hands.

Where to find orb statues in Hogwarts Legacy

These enigmatic orb statues can be found all over Hogwarts, and it's likely that you've already passed them while exploring the castle. It may seem that these statues are only needed to decorate the corridors, but you probably already noticed that when you hover over the statues, they stand out slightly - just like all objects in the game that can be interacted with in some way. You can even aim at them, however, using the base spell will have no effect and will not affect orb statues in any way. You will need to use other enchantments if you want to get the Manual pages hidden inside the statues.

How to interact with statues and orbs in Hogwarts Legacy


You will need a simple spell that the main character will learn on the first day of his stay at Hogwarts. Target any of these statues and cast Levioso's spell, which will open the orb in the statue's hands, and a page of the "Manual" will appear in its place.

If you're planning on completing all of the Hogwarts Legacy quests and getting every possible achievement, you'll have to find every single one of these statues (and impress Professor Weasley along the way). There are a total of 14 statues in the game that can be interacted with using the Levioso spell to retrieve the Manual pages hidden inside.

These statues are just one of the many secrets of Hogwarts. Pages of the "Manual" are hidden on literally every corner of the castle, and to find them all, you will need an extensive arsenal of spells, including Revelio, Incendio and Confringo. Carefully study every room and hall in Hogwarts if you want to uncover all the secrets of the castle.

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