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How to kill a screamer in Dead Island 2

Screamers in Dead Island 2

The Screamer is one of the deadly zombies in Dead Island 2 that must be destroyed as quickly as possible. We tell you how to do it.

In addition to the usual infected that roam the streets of Los Angeles, in Dead Island 2 you also have to destroy deadly zombies - especially dangerous opponents who can deal with the main character in just one or two hits. The battle with each of these enemies will make you really nervous, because any wrong move can lead to your death.

Even if you managed to find a powerful melee weapon and a long-range assault rifle, you will need to study the habits of each opponent well in order not to fall under his attacks. This guide will help you deal with the screamers that periodically come across on the way during the passage of the Dead Island 2 story campaign.

Who are the screamers in Dead Island 2

Screamers are a type of deadly zombie that pose a serious threat to the protagonist, just like Crushers with Butchers. However, it is worth bearing in mind that screamers themselves are not particularly dangerous. However, with the help of their screams, they are able to send all the zombies that are nearby to the main character. That is why it is necessary to deal with screamers in the first place, otherwise ordinary opponents will attack you in waves, who sooner or later will take you in number.

How to beat a screamer in Dead Island 2

It is recommended to start by knocking the screamer down with a jump kick, as this will cause her solid damage even before she starts calling other zombies to help her. When she's about to scream, you'll hear a booming sonic reverb a second before. At this stage, you can choose one of two strategies:

  • Run to the side so you don't get knocked back by the sonic wave and get ready to fight the angry mob of zombies. The rage mode will definitely help here, as well as blocking blows, with which you can block the sound wave of the screamer if she directs it in your direction.
  • Interrupt the summoning of zombies by throwing any melee weapon or other object at the screamer. Melee attacks like sweeps and double-leg jumps are also suitable for this.

It is recommended to follow the second strategy. To eliminate the screamer as quickly as possible, take advantage of its vulnerability to blunt damage. You can block any attacks from the screamer, so it is advised to get close to her and unleash a series of attacks on her, preventing her from calling the rest of the zombies for help.

It is also advised to use modified weapons to maximize the damage your hero does to deadly zombies. If you have a weapon with elemental damage (such as electricity or lye), then equip it in the battle with the screamer, as she is not immune to such damage.

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