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How to destroy the piglin base with the Night Beacon in Minecraft Legends

How to destroy the piglin base in Minecraft Legends

The attack on the piglin base with the Night Beacon is the first major siege in Minecraft Legends. We'll tell you how to get through it.

In Minecraft Legends, you have to fight a horde of piglins who are trying to take over the Overworld. After several battles in the early stages of the story campaign, during which we get acquainted with the main gameplay mechanics, we have to destroy the base of the Piglins with the Night Beacon. This is the first serious task in the game with a well-defended piglin fortress - you will come across such bases quite often in the future until the very end of the story campaign.

During this first siege, you have a major advantage: you can replenish your army with squads of zombies, skeletons, and famous creepers, who can be called in as reinforcements using the battle banner. Thanks to this, you have every chance to win this battle, despite the fact that you have to fight a well-prepared army of piglins, which poses a much greater threat than scattered units of enemies in the early stages of the game.

How to destroy the Night Beacon base in Minecraft Legends

Approaching the base with the Night Lighthouse, you will see a cut-scene in which an army of mobs will arrive to help you. It consists of creatures that were inspired by the success of the protagonist, who had already managed to destroy several piglin outposts, and decided to join him. Once the cutscene ends, it's time to attack.

You need to summon a few units of golems of your choice (ideally these should be cobblestone and grindstone golems, which are great for destroying enemy structures), and then explore the area around the base in order to replenish your army with roaming mobs with the help of your banner.

At this point in the story campaign, you can only command 25 mobs at a time, so it is recommended to send this squad to storm the piglin base in order to destroy external fortifications like gates and various buildings with it.

The main goal of this attack is to break through the walls of the base and destroy all the piglin barracks and fire rod towers located near the wall. This will weaken the piglin army and deprive them of the ability to regularly send reinforcements during further combat.

While your first squad is on a mission at the base gate, you can move away to avoid enemy attacks and collect a second squad of 25 new mobs, which can later be sent to the first squad as reinforcements. Continue this pattern, sending one group after another to break through the gates and walls into the piglin base and destroy the nearby barracks, nether peddlers and fire rod towers, gradually weakening the enemy defenses.

Once you've broken through the gate, you'll probably want to head straight for the portal to destroy it, but it's advised not to rush into doing so. It is best to methodically destroy various piglin structures on the way to the portal, and at the same time open cages with captive mobs, which, after being released, will immediately go over to your side.


After issuing commands to all your squads and freeing the mobs nearby, you can go outside the base and look for new creatures for your squad. If you manage to plant a couple of golem spawners right next to the base with the Night Beacon, then replenishing the ranks of your army will be much easier.

During this siege, you will see several new types of piglins for the first time, but since you still have the advantage in numbers, you can simply watch how your army deals with these creatures, and at the same time study their abilities - this will be useful for future battles.

Once all dangerous buildings are destroyed, you need to switch to the portal and order all your troops to attack it. As soon as you clear the base with the Night Lighthouse, you will get rid of the main danger in this location, and you can safely explore its surroundings, choosing new targets to your liking.

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