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How to close the gate in the Red Mist quest in Dead Island 2

How to close the gate in the Red Fog quest in Dead Island 2

The last task in the Red Mist quest is to close the gate, which will require you to find a switch and insert it into the electrical panel. We tell you how to do it.

Each quest in Dead Island 2 is divided into several tasks. Some of them are self-explanatory (such as "kill everyone" style challenges), while others can be confusing. To complete them, you will have to properly examine the location in which the main character ended up.

During the Red Mist quest, we need to get through a vast sewer network, literally teeming with zombies, in order to get to the other side of L-Hell and get one step closer to evacuating from the danger zone. After getting out of the sewers, we will find ourselves in the Venice Beach area right next to the Blue Crab bar, where another group of survivors took refuge. However, crowds of zombies are walking around in the parking lot in front of the bar, and we need to close the gate so that the hero is let into the shelter. However, the game does not say exactly how to close them. This guide will help you do that.

How to close the gate at the end of the Red Mist quest

In fact, this is a fairly simple task if you know where to look for the right item. After you defeat a small group of walkers and a couple of crushers, the survivors of the Blue Crab will ask the protagonist to press the button in the parking booth to close the gate. But since there is no switch in the electrical panel, we will first need to find it.

Fortunately, it is hidden nearby. Face the already closed gate to the northwest and climb over it. Go into the parking lot and turn left where you will see another booth that looks exactly the same as the booth in front of the Blue Crab Bar. Near it you will find a switch for an electrical panel. Pick it up and return to the previous location by throwing the switch over the gate.


Another switch can be found in this location if you do not want to climb over the gate. Turn to the southeast and go to the right wall of Burger 66, where the exact same switch lies. To complete the Red Mist quest, you can use either of these two items.

Now it remains only to approach the open gate, near which there is an electrical panel, and insert a switch into it. Then return to the parking booth and press the button to close the gate. This process will take a couple of minutes, so you will have to destroy another wave of zombies. Once the gate is closed, you will be able to enter the Blue Crab Bar and complete the Red Mist main quest.

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