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Kirara in Genshin Impact: release date, banner, voice actors, abilities, official announcement

Kirara's announcement in Genshin Impact

Kirara Genshin Impact is a new 4-star character that will be joining the game soon, so let's find out some of the details that have been revealed so far.

According to HoYoverse, the Genshin Impact 3.6 update will be available to players on April 12th. Stream 3.6 was eagerly awaited by fans who were interested in learning important information about the upcoming release.

On March 31 at 8:00 AM (UTC-5), the 3.6 dev stream took place, revealing a lot of information about the new events, enemies, new map, and banners. Fans will reportedly be presented with three reruns of the 3.6 Nahida, Nilu, and Gan Yu banners, with Nilu and Nahida available in the first half and Bai Zhu and Gan Yu in the second.

Fans, however, were expecting additional characters to appear during the stream, something that was clearly lacking at the event. However, data mining was carried out on these characters.


We recently had Kirara and her skills leaked, as well as potential images of Kirara and her release date leaked, and now HoYoverse has officially unveiled a new upcoming 4-star character - Kirara.

So let's find out what's been revealed about Kirara's Genshin Impact release date, cover art, abilities, and more.

Who is Kirara in Genshin Impact 

Kirara Genshin Impact Cat on the ridge of the roof

📦 Courier of the gold level of the Komania Express delivery service.

Insiders have claimed that players will see Kirara in a future 3.7 update, and it looks like they were right.

Kirara's official release in Genshin Impact

A potential Kirara model was recently revealed by insiders, and shortly after the leak, the developers revealed Kirara.

Kirara's official illustration shows her holding a box and has blonde hair, which came as a complete surprise. But besides the Aryans, a lot of information about Kirara's recruitment has been revealed.

Yae Miko says about Kirara: “Extremely cute nekomata. She is especially sweet if you whisper in her ear about late packages when she sleeps. Then she will run with such agility that you do not expect even from General Goro on the battlefield. 

According to this description, Inazuma's well-known delivery service "Comania Express" has a special employee. She appears to be a young girl in cute clothes with two long tails fluttering behind her. Confident and at ease in front of customers, she often rushes over the roofs like a quiet shadow so as not to delay the delivery of a single parcel ...

Her nature initially caused constant gossip, but Kirara's sincere, open nature, coupled with diligence and a conscientious attitude to work, dispelled any doubts. Moreover, the people thanked the youkai girl from the bottom of their hearts. “Timely and reliable delivery”, “Excellent service”, “Live and sweet” - this is how customers most often write about it in their reviews. It is said that if you leave Kirara a five-star review or treat her to snacks, she will blush with gratitude, happily waving her tails.

Luckily, her boss at Komania Express never even considered the idea of ​​releasing her. On the contrary, they privately asked Kirara if she wanted a higher salary and a move to a comparatively less labor-intensive administrative job, but Kirara hastily rejected their offer.

She didn't have the heart to tell her boss that every time she leaves to make a delivery, she feels like she's enjoying the all-expenses-paid ride!

Fans have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the highly anticipated 4-star character since, unlike other 5-star leaks, Kirara has never revealed her true in-game model.

While a few hints of her element, weapons, and rarity were omitted, fans were only given a proper look at the upcoming character with the help of Kirara's drip marketing.

Kirara release date in Genshin Impact


Since the Kirara character has been officially introduced, and HoYoverse has already announced which of them will appear in Update 3.6, it's safe to say that either May 24, 2023 or three weeks later, mid-June will be the official release date for Kirara.

There are both possibilities that Kirara will be released with the release of 3.7, or likely with the second Genshin 3.7 banner. However, insiders claim a second case.

Kirara's abilities in Genshin Impact 

The only thing we know about Kirara's element is that she will be the Dendro character. This means that she will probably get along pretty smoothly with Bai Zhu, Dendro's new 5-star character.

Kirara's skill and Elemental Burst have yet to be revealed, however HoYoverse has revealed her official banner image, where Kirara has cat ears and a character model comparable to Goro.

Kirara's gameplay hasn't been revealed, but Mero's insider revealed that the new catgirl is mostly defensive and sword-wielding. Press and hold versions of her elemental skill are reported to exist, but little is known about Kirara's set.

It's not yet clear how she'll use her skills, but we're sure to see gameplay as the game gets closer to Kirara's release date.

Kirara's weapons in Genshin Impact

Before we start discussing Kirara's weapons, fans should keep in mind that this is a leak at the moment.

As for Kirara's weapons, a previous rumor suggested that Kirara might be a sword user. It was mentioned that "the dendro shield and uses a sword".

Now that Kirara's drip marketing has been revealed, players can see her holding a box in her hand and there is no mention of any weapons. Therefore, it is still unclear if Kirara's sword will be a new 4-star weapon set, a free weapon, or already released.

It is clear that we do not have a reliable source of the leak to prove its authenticity, but at the moment it can be considered doubtful.

Kirara's voice actor in Genshin Impact

No leaks or official figures have revealed any information about Kirara's voice actors, whether in Japanese, Chinese, or English.

We'll make sure to update this section with fresh information as soon as anyone reveals anything about Kirara's voice actors.

This has been the full details of Kirara Genshin Impact, including its release date, plot, abilities, and more that have been revealed so far.

However, some data has come from leaks that are subject to change, so players should consider this with a grain of salt as HoYoverse may decide to make changes to the base game at any time.

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