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Ibis Beak in Genshin Impact: who will suit and how to get a bow

Ibis Beak in Genshin Impact

The Ibis Beak in Genshin Impact is a new ranged weapon that provides several very useful effects at once: a buff to MS and base damage, due to which it becomes a good choice for many characters who need these parameters. This is not a legendary, but a 4* weapon that can be obtained as part of the main event of update 3.7, which will last until 12.06.2023/XNUMX/XNUMX.

In this guide, we will figure out where and how you can get this bow, which characters can use it most effectively, what characteristics it has and what is required for pumping

Characteristics of the bow Ibis Beak

Let's take a look at weapon stats and special effects to see which characters are best suited. The passive ability of the weapon is quite simple, but useful. Any hero can activate, and many characters require a buff. 

  • Base Damage: x44 to x565;
  • Extra bonus: increased attack power from 6 to 27.6% at maximum pumping.
  • Passive ability: Triggered on hit by empowered shots (charged attacks) and grants the wearer a 40 to 80 Elemental Mastery buff. In this case, the ability can stack up to two times (but it works no more than once every half a second). Duration of each stack: 6 seconds. The maximum bonus to MS is 160 units.

How to get the Ibis Beak in Genshin Impact

During the main event of patch 3.7 - “Duel! To the heights of card skill”, you can get a special currency. The event is related to the collectible card game, as is the update in general. After completing a number of conditions and passing tests and exciting mini-games, you can get a special currency - coupons, which you need to exchange for a bow. In addition, in the same store before the end of the event, you can purchase materials that will be required for leveling the Ibis Beak. How many coupons do you need:

  • The bow itself only costs x1000;
  • Materials cost approximately x2400. 

There are no other ways to get it at the moment.

How to upgrade Ibis Beak in Genshin Impact

Like any other weapon, the power of this bow is revealed along with pumping. Each weapon can be upgraded in two ways: ascension and awakening. In the case of exaltation, the basic characteristics of the weapon are improved: the base damage and the power of the additional bonus (in the case of this bow, the additional damage and the buff to the attack power). Ascension requires the following materials in the quantities shown:

Material nameRequired amount for maximum pumpingDescription and methods of obtaining
blankCopper Amulet of Forest Dewx3The material is used in the pumping of various weapons. Can be obtained as a reward for completing the Tower of Contemptible Pride. Pretty basic material, not rare.
blankIron Amulet of Forest Dewx9Can be obtained from the above dungeon and through alchemy by crafting a less rare material (copper variant).
blankSilver Forest Dew Amuletx9Similarly with the previous material, + can be obtained for re-crafting an iron amulet.
blankGolden Forest Dew Amuletx4Likewise with the silver amulet. For recrafting, a silver analogue is used.
blankunopened flowerx15The material drops from special types of enemies - hilichurls outcasts, which are found in rare places in the expanded desert area and differ from ordinary hilichurls in their powerful abilities.
blankcherished flowerx18Similar to the previous material.
blankTraveler's Blossoming Flowerx27Similar to the previous material.
blankFaded red silkx10Dropped by Desert Mercenaries found throughout the desert. The most basic version of red silk.
blankBanded Red Silkx15Rare material. Drops from the same hermits + can be obtained by crafting a faded counterpart.
blankGoldweave Red Silkx18The rarest of the red silks. Dropped by desert mercenaries + recrafted using the previous material.
blankMorax755kThe base currency of the game. You can get for quests, trade and almost any activity.
blankMystic Enhancement Orex605-----------

How to awaken an onion

In the case of awakening, everything is very clear - this type of pumping allows you to enhance the passive skill of the weapon. In the case of this weapon, additional Elemental Mastery will be awarded for hitting with Aimed Shot (maximum 80 per 1 stack, 160 total). Unlike other types of weapons, the Ibis Beak does not require a duplicate to upgrade, it is enough to purchase a special item in the event store - cured chrysalis wax. Please note that the item will disappear after the end of the event, so it's better to hurry. Each unit costs 600 coupons.

Who will suit the Ibis Beak in Genshin Impact

Let's take a look at the characters who can most effectively use this bow. It's worth noting that these characters play through empowered shots and need attack power and elemental mastery. Otherwise, in most cases, you can find more powerful counterparts. 

  • blankTignari. The hero is very easy to activate the passive ability of the bow twice + needs all weapon bonuses, so in the absence of more powerful (legendary) analogues, you can safely take it, especially in free (F2P) builds.
  • blankGan Yu. Almost the same with Tignari. However, if Tignari elemental mastery is required in any case, then in the case of Gan Yu, this indicator is only important in the build through the reaction thawing. In any case, Gan Yu needs attack power, plays through boosted shots and easily activates the buff.
  • blankAmber. It is worth taking only for certain builds, where Ember acts as the main damage dealer through reactions couple and / or thawing
  • blankSarah. Although it does not need MC, it easily activates the bow's passive and due to the high base damage and additional attack power, it reveals itself quite well.
  • blankFaruzan. Needs all weapon buffs and easily activates the passive, although the main type of damage is not through empowered shots. In any case, if there are no more powerful alternatives, you can safely take it.

Perhaps, with the release of new characters, the list will be expanded. In any case, despite its useful buffs, the weapon is far from suitable for all archers, since it gives a buff not to the entire team, but to the carrier. For this reason, it is important that the wearer is constantly on the battlefield and deals damage on his own. In addition, you need characters who often use empowered shots to activate the buff, otherwise you will not be able to get a buff to the MC.

How to use the Ibis Beak in combat

But how to effectively use this weapon in combat? How to play correctly using the Ibis Beak? This is a fairly simple weapon with the most simple conditions. To activate an additional effect, it is enough to make an enhanced shot and hit the enemy. Therefore, the rotation is as follows:

  1. First we take allies, hang up buffs, use their abilities;
  2. We switch to the damage dealer (bow carrier), make a charged shot at the enemy and hit;
  3. Activates the bow buff. While buffs work, we deal damage. If possible, you need to make several charged shots to stack the bonus up to two times;
  4. We repeat the actions if the opponents are still not defeated.

That's all you need to know about who suits and how to get the Lunar Piercing Spear in Genshin Impact. Now you can read our other guides on Genshin Impact, new quests, events and content in the game. Leave your comments below and bookmark our site so you don't miss anything.

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