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When do tasks on Honkai Star Rail servers update?

When are servers updated in Honkai Star Rail

We tell you how long you need to complete all the daily tasks.

Honkai Star Rail, like many F2P titles, features daily and weekly missions that allow you to earn additional rewards and encourage regular visits to the game. At the same time, daily tasks on the Honkai: Star Rail servers are updated once a day, and the servers themselves are rebooted.

If you don't want to miss a single daily mission and are ready to spend the energy of Exploration, you will definitely need information about what time the servers restart. Thus, you will always know at what moment it is worth entering the game in order to start completing new tasks or finish the old ones until they disappear.

Server restart times in Honkai: Star Rail

The exact time at which the tasks in the game are updated depends on which region you are in.

  • On US servers, the reload occurs at 4:00 AM EST (3:00 CT and 1:00 PT).
  • On UK servers, assignments update at 5:00 BST.
  • On European servers, the reload occurs at 6:00 CEST.
  • On Asian servers, jobs update at 4:00 AM in the GMT+8 time zone (1:00 JST and 24:00 CST).

As for updating the weekly quests, it happens on Mondays at the times above!

What happens after server restarts in Honkai: Star Rail?

Immediately after a server restart in Honkai Star Rail, all your daily missions are reset (they are marked in green in the quest menu). At the same time, daily training and daily quests from Honor of the Nameless are reset.

At the same time, your Exploration energy is replenished, so do not forget to farm resources daily in various game modes like Sepals, Echoes of War, and others.

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