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Co-op mode in Dead Island 2: how to unlock and enter

How to play with friends in Dead Island 2

Want to play Dead Island 2 with your friends but can't find the mode you want? This guide will help you do that.

Dead Island 2 features a massive game world with lots of fun characters and side quests, set against the backdrop of a zombie apocalypse. It is not necessary to explore this world in splendid isolation.

Of course, you can go through the story campaign in single player mode, but it's much more interesting to do it in the company of friends, so that the showdown with the crowds of the undead becomes even more fun.

How to open co-op mode in Dead Island 2

Unfortunately, the co-op mode is disabled by default, so you first need to complete the tutorial level and the first few missions to get to grips with the basics of local gameplay. Once you complete the first three missions of the Dead Island 2 story campaign, you will unlock co-op play. An alert will appear on the screen that you can invite friends to your game session or join other survivors. Thus, it is simply impossible to miss this moment.

How to play co-op with a friend in Dead Island 2


Once you unlock the co-op mode, you will be able to create game sessions by choosing one of several types:

  • Single player is a single player mode that other players will not be able to connect to.
  • Public Play - In this mode, you go through the story campaign alone, but other players can join your session if they wish.
  • Invite Only - You can invite anyone to your gaming session.
  • Friends only - you can invite your friends to the game session or join their session.

You can enter other game sessions yourself created by your friends or other players. To do this, click on the "Join in the game" button in the main menu. In this section, you can either find a free game session or join your friends' session if they are currently online.

You can also send any of your friends an invitation to join your game session without leaving the game. To do this, go to the pause menu and select the "Communication" section at the bottom of the screen. Next, you will see a list of friends who are currently online. Choose any of them and send him an invitation.

How does the co-op mode affect the passage of Dead Island 2?


It is worth noting that you will not be able to join game sessions in which the action takes place at stages of the game that you have not yet reached. You have the ability to connect only to sessions where the action takes place either on the same levels as you, or on levels that you have already completed. Keep in mind that if you get to, for example, the penultimate level, and then decide to connect with a friend who has just started his passage, then your progress will be reset.

Is there a crossplay feature in Dead Island 2?


Unfortunately, Dead Island 2 lacks cross-platform support. This means that PC players will not be able to play co-op with Xbox or Playstation owners (and vice versa). However, the game has support for consoles of different generations - in other words, users can create game sessions where the owners of the Playstation 5 and Playstation 4, as well as the owners of the Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One, respectively, can participate at the same time.

At the same time, the owners of the Playstation 4 and Xbox One consoles cannot create cooperative gaming sessions, they can only join existing sessions.

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