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Adventure Moles in Honkai Star Rail: How to Start and Complete the Quest

Adventure Moles in Honkai Star Rail

Adventure Moles is a special puzzle challenge in Honkai: Star Rail, and here's how you can easily complete it.

Start of the game in Honkai: StarRail can be confusing for some newbies because there are so many quests in the game. As you progress through the main story, unique companion missions and adventures are unlocked. These missions will earn you a lot of Pathfinder XP and Star Jades, so it's worth putting some time into them.

Adventure Moles is one such quest, and you can start it on the second planet called Yarilo VI. During its completion, you need to find certain pages of the book and solve the puzzles in them in order to receive several chests with abundant rewards.

How to start the Adventure Moles quest in Honkai Star Rail

Although this quest is difficult to complete, it is also quite difficult to get to. First, to get into the underground zone, you need Complete the main story on the Herta space station and on the surface of Belobog. At the beginning of the main Underdark quest, you will encounter Hook and her companions, known as the Moles.

After you advance a bit in the story, you will unlock the first companion mission with Hook. All she has three companion missions that are unlocked after completing the previous one. As soon as you complete the third mission, this quest will become available to you in Kamnegrad.

In addition, after completing these three missions Hook will also become a regular guest on the Astral Express, which will also reward you with some Star Jades.

How to find the first treasure in Honkai Star Rail


When you activate the quest by talking to Julian, he will give you a special book called Adventure Moles. This book is missing some pages and the table of contents has hints on where you can find them. Luckily, the location of the first page will be marked on your map in the Big Mine of Kamnegrad.

Head for the yellow circle and you will find the page on the barrels near the ore crate. You don't have to read the entire page, as the hint words are highlighted in yellow. For this puzzle, the clue will be "Let everything go back to normal, let the stars go back to heaven...".


After reading the page, head up the slope near where you found it and you'll see a set of four lamps. Three lamps will hang on the fence, and one stands on the platform. Take the lamp, place it in the slot in the fence and you will get your first chest.

After that, the quest will not highlight the location of the remaining pages. This is where things get complicated because you need to know the areas mentioned well in order to find the pages. Talk to Julian after getting the first chest and you can continue the quest.

How to find three pages in Honkai Star Rail


When you view the table of contents, it will indicate the location, where you can find the page, and a hint to help you pinpoint its location. Here's how to collect all the pages and treasure chests:

Page in the Gutter


Open the Waste Passage on the Yarilo-VI map and teleport to the South Space Anchor. Next, go to the lower right side of the area, and you will see a bunch of tables labeled "open restaurant" in the tooltip. Next to these tables will be a white bench with several rolls of paper.

Pick up the paper and you will find the next clue which reads “That place over there. Although there are many tables and chairs in the summer cafe, a person can hide only there.” This refers to one specific chair in a given location. Go back to the tables in the restaurant, and you will see one chair that is on the table.


Pick up that chair and place it in normal position by selecting the "Put on the ground" option. This will solve the first puzzle and give you another generous treasure.

Page in Zaklepkograd


Open the Zaklepkograd map, teleport to the western dimensional anchor and head northwest to find the cave mentioned in the tooltip. However, you will not be able to enter this section unless you have activated the door on the other side. To do this, head to the north anchor and use the stairs to get here.

You will find a page on workbench, as soon as you enter the location through the door. The tooltip on that page says, "Shelving, drawers, arrange equally," which speaks for itself. You need to arrange the boxes on the surrounding shelves in the same place. You will see two shelves in the area:

  • There will be three rows of drawers on one shelf. Take the top drawer from her, and leave the rest untouched.
  • On the right there will also be a shelf with three rows, but there are only two drawers here. Place the drawer you took in the middle of the shelf and the puzzle will be completed.

Page in Forbidden Zone of the Silvermane Guardians


The last page can be found by teleporting to the western space anchor in the Silvermane Guardian Restricted Zone. There you will find a page attached to the wall near the teleporter. The note will advise you to match the number of guns on the four racks in the surrounding trenches.

Walk around the area and you will find three racks with two guns and one with three. Grab the guns next to the first three and place them on the rack so there are three rifles in each rack. This will reward you with the final chest. Then go back and talk to Julian on the surface of Belobog to complete the quest.

Tell Julian about your progress

Once all three puzzles have been completed, return to julian. He will ask the Pathfinder to hand over the papers to the publisher. Do as the boy said and talk to Nika in the Administrative District. 


Upon successful completion of Mole Adventurers, the trailblazers will receive the following rewards:

  • Pioneer XP x100
  • Star Jade x30
  • Shield x100
  • Credit x6000.

Video guide

That's all you need to know on how to solve all the puzzles and complete the Honkai Star Rail Adventure Moles quest. Now you can read our other guides on new quests, events and content in the game. Leave your comments below and bookmark our site so you don't miss anything.

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