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Best teams with Arlan in Honkai: Star Rail

Best squads with Arlan in Honkai Star Rail

Arlan is a Path of Destruction character with electrical damage. His specialty is attacking single targets. We tell you in which teams it is best to use it.

Arlan from Honkai: Star Rail follows the Path of Destruction and specializes in dealing damage to single targets. His attacks deal electrical damage and his skills consume health instead of skill points, allowing those points to be shared among the rest of the team.

When assembling a squad that Arlan could fit into, it's important to remember that he needs allies who can turn the spotlight on themselves and protect him, since after attacks he is usually left with modest HP reserves. Since you're draining his health by increasing Arlan's damage (the lower his HP, the harder he hits), you need to make sure that enemies can't finish him off.


One way to help Arlan is to simply stop the opponents from moving. Welt is a powerful debuffer, and his skills allow you to influence enemy cycles. With his skill and ult, he is able to delay opponents' turns and slow them down to the point where the turn order will carry over to your characters. This way, you will have more cycles at your disposal before the enemies take action.

Welt's skills do not actually protect Arlan from damage, but they do prevent opponents from walking. However, you must have at least one character in your squad that can create shields, as just one enemy attack will be enough to kill Arlan while he is in a weakened state.

March 7


As stated above, Arlan badly needs at least one ally with a shield in order for him to maximize his offensive abilities. This is where March 7 comes in handy, the skill of which gives one ally a lasting one. This shield's stats are directly tied to her defense stats, which means the more you upgrade her, the more powerful her shields will be.

Arlan will still consume health when using his skill, but the March 7 shield (or any other) will absorb all attacks directed at Arlan. This is one of the best ways to capitalize on Arlan's skill, as he will be fully protected while the shield is active, and his health will never drop below 1. What's more, March 7 will be able to deflect any attacks directed at protected characters with his Maiden talent. force".



One of Arlan's main problems is his low speed. As a rule, he moves last in your squad, and some opponents make moves before his cycle. With Armor, you can solve this problem by using her powerful Combat Relocation skill. This ability strengthens the character's attack and increases the order of his turn - thus, the strengthened character will move immediately after the Armor.

If you rely on Arlan's skill in combat, it is recommended to use the Armor skill on him to strengthen him and give the character an extra turn. However, he does not lose the right to attack in his turn. Thus, you can carry out two attacks of Arlan in one circle. Moreover, Armor acts as a great support character for the entire squad. Her ultimate boosts allies' attacks, which of course makes Arlan's moves even more deadly.



The cheetah in the squad acts as a tank, which makes him an ideal ally for Arlan. In addition to the squad-wide shield that Cheetah creates with his ultimate, Cheetah also has a bonus ability in his Tracks that causes enemies to attack him more often than the rest of your characters. Thus, if you unlock it, the Cheetah will have a better chance of luring most of the enemy attacks.

While the enemies are distracted by the Cheetah, Arlan can safely spend his health on powerful attacks. The shield that Cheetah creates with his ult will help Arlan and other members of your squad last longer in battle. Keep in mind that the lower Arlan's health, the more damage he deals, so if you provide him with reliable protection, then the hero will have complete freedom of action.



Clara pairs well with Arlan for the same reasons Cheetah does. Clara is able to switch the attention of opponents to herself so that Arlan can use his skill without any problems.

Clara has high damage stats and her default counterattack hits incredibly hard. Moreover, it is further enhanced when the heroine uses her ult. Unfortunately, she does not create shields, but only distracts opponents. Thus, Cheetah can be called a "defensive" tank, while Clara plays the role of an "offensive" tank. Arlan can still get hit, but Clara will make her enemies pay for it.



It is worth noting that the characters of the same element do not always fit well in the same squad. Tingyun and Arlan both use electric damage, but they serve in completely different roles in the squad. Tingyun is great for buffing allies, so it's worth using it to buff other party members' attacks.

Arlan can become your main attacker, making short work of enemies that have vulnerabilities to electricity, and Tingyun can greatly enhance all of his moves. If you decide to use this duo, you will need to add some healer to the squad - ideally Natasha. And the fourth character could be a shield-making hero who will make sure that Tingyun and Arlan don't die on the battlefield.



Pela is another great support character in Honkai: Star Rail. She is able to effectively remove buffs from enemies, depriving them of any upgrades. Meanwhile, her ultimate pairs perfectly with Arlan's moves.

Pela's ultimate has a fixed chance to weaken each enemy hit, lowering their defense for a few turns. At the same time, Arlan will deal even more damage to them than usual. This way you can alternate between Pela's ultimate, Armor's defensive skill, and Arlan's skill to create a deadly combo that will quickly destroy most opponents.

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