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Top teams from Bailu to Honkai: Star Rail

Best Bailu squads in Honkai Star Rail

Even an experienced healer will need the help of allies.

Bailu is one of the best, if not the best healer in Honkai: Star Rail. She has much higher base healing than Natasha, and can resurrect characters once per battle thanks to her "Help the World in Time" talent. What's more, Bailu can temporarily increase characters' maximum health if she heals them above their current maximum.


After the end of the battle, the HP of the allies is reset to the previous maximum, but as long as there is Bailu in your squad, your characters are under reliable protection. Her normal attack deals electrical damage, however it is recommended to focus on Bailu's healing abilities rather than her attacks and keep a couple of skill points for that purpose. Bailu is the perfect healer, and she works best in a team with one support and two DPS characters, or one DPS hero and one tank.

Armor - Support


If you're looking for the right support to pair with Bile, look no further than Armor. Since in combat you will most likely focus on strengthening Bailu's health and defense so that she can best support others, you will have to sacrifice her attack power. The armor will be able to compensate for this lack, because her skill and ult allow you to temporarily increase Bailu's attack.

However, the potential of the Armor is most effectively revealed if it, along with Bailu, strengthens the other two characters in the squad. The armor can remove debuffs placed on your heroes while Bailu heals allies. In addition, increasing the attack of the entire squad (mostly DPS characters) will make it much easier for Baylu in any battle.

Himeko - DPS character


Himeko is a great DPS hero as she has mostly AoE attacks in her arsenal, like many heroes of the Path of Erudite. She deals fire damage to groups of enemies, and if you use her bonus attack after breaking through the vulnerability, then the heroine's attack power will increase significantly.

With its help, you can easily deal with the Sepals, and any fight with a crowd of enemies will no longer be a problem if you have Himeko in your squad. She can also deal damage to single targets with her basic attack, but it's best to use Himeko's AoE skill in any fight.

If you add Himeko and Bailu to your squad, it is recommended to always keep a few skill points for these two heroines in reserve so that they can use them while other characters regenerate these points.

Clara - DPS character


Clara and Svarog are a great duo for your squad, as they are able to attack both single targets and groups of enemies with AoE attacks, just like the Pathfinder with a physical type of damage. However, Clara and Svarog do noticeably more damage than Pathfinder and have higher health pools.

Clara's potential is revealed in the later stages of the game, where she can act as an all-round DPS character. Since it depends on how quickly you deal with a boss or an elite enemy, you can not do without support characters in the squad - this is where Bailu will come in handy. She will make sure that you are not left without your main DPS hero in the middle of an important fight, because this is guaranteed to lead to a loss.

During any battle, there is a chance that your main attacking characters can get frozen status, after which the opponents will do their best to finish them off. However, Bailu can save the situation: even if Clara and Svarog die, she can quickly resurrect them.

Welt - sub-DPS


Interestingly, Velt can take completely different roles in the squad. He will make both an excellent support and a great auxiliary attacker. Adhering to the Path of Nothingness, Velt has extremely useful skills that allow him to slow down and imprison enemies, causing them to miss up to two turns.

His skills and ults are so powerful that with proper use of them, you can leave opponents completely without moves. At the same time, Velt has impressive indicators of imaginary damage, so he is ideal for the role of an auxiliary DPS character in the squad.

It may seem that Welt's skills don't mesh well with Bailu's, but that's not the case. Welt helps Bile buy time to spend on healing allies. You will often encounter a situation where your squad is on the verge of death, and only a couple of extra moves can save it. It is then that the duet of Bailu and Velta will help you.

Cheetah - tank


In order for a healer to do his job effectively, he must stay alive as long as possible. If enemies regularly attack your healer, then it is likely that at the very beginning of the battle you will be left without a healer, and your chances of winning will plummet. However, if your squad has a tank like the Cheetah, then it will be able to divert all the attention of opponents to itself.

While the Cheetah does not have separate taunt skills (like the Pathfinder), it has a high taunt rate by default, making it more likely to incur enemy attacks. Cheetah's super ability restores shields to allies, which will help them survive most attacks.

The cheetah makes Bile's job much easier, because on each turn you don't have to think long about who exactly you should heal. Since Cheetah is the one most likely to be attacked by opponents, you should focus all of Bailu's healing skills on him. That being said, the Cheetah also deals significant ice damage, making it an ideal candidate for being a tank in your squad.

Sushan - DPS character


Sushan is known for her fast and powerful attacks, and her blade strikes inflict an incredible amount of damage to opponents. If you do not know who to take into the squad as the main DPS character, then Sushan will be the most reliable option.

Her passive skill allows the heroine to take several turns if there are broken opponents on the field, which means that you can methodically get rid of enemies without letting them make a single move. The only drawback of the heroine is her low health and defense.

However, Bailu solves this problem with his healing skills. While Sushan pulverizes opponents, Bailu can quickly restore her health after enemy attacks.

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