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Best units for Welt in Honkai: Star Rail

Best Teams for Welt in Honkai Star Rail

List of best partners for a five-star character.

Welt Young, everyone's favorite second Herrscher of Reason, is back in Honkai: Star Rail. If you're lucky enough to be your first XNUMX-star Rookie banner character, then you're probably wondering which heroes his skills synergize best with. His ability to slow down enemies and deal significant damage makes him a very useful support character.

There are many variations of units that Welt can include, but below we will look at characters whose skills are ideally combined with Welt's abilities. Most of these characters can be obtained without the gacha system, however, a couple still drop only from banners.


Asta is a five-star support character who follows the Path of Harmony and is fire elemental. Her main ability is to increase the speed of allies for two turns. Although at this point in Honkai: Star Rail the potential for speed buffs hasn't been fully exploited yet, Asta's abilities will definitely come in handy for any damage-focused heroes like Zele and Dan Heng. Asta and Welt are the perfect teammates, who together can significantly increase the power of your squad.

Velt can slow down enemies for two turns, while Asta will increase the speed of allies during this time. All in all, these are two strong supports that benefit the team in different but complementary ways.



Tingyun, like Asta, helps other team members by increasing their damage. The skills of Welt and Tingyun perfectly complement each other - while one weakens the enemies, the second buffs the strength of the members of his squad. Tingyun's skill increases the target ally's attack by 25% (up to 15% of Tingyun's current attack).

As for her personal damage, the heroine's attack speed is increased by 20% for one turn after using her skill. This makes her the perfect partner for Welt, who slows down enemies with his skill.



If you have recruited a team of heroes with high attack rates and modest health reserves, a character who can create powerful shields is vital to you. One such hero is Cheetah, who is able to protect allies with an indestructible ice shield. Cheetah and Welt's skills synergize well with each other, especially if the battle drags on for several minutes.

While the Cheetah protects all allies, Velt can inflict Imprisonment on enemies and slow their attacks. These two will help you survive in a long fight and will allow the rest of the heroes to slowly but surely deal damage to the enemy squad.



If your team does not have a hero that creates shields, then you should take Natasha to the squad - this is a free character that can be obtained for completing certain story missions. The heroine adheres to the Path of Abundance and inflicts physical damage on opponents, but her most valuable skill is the ability to heal allies for a certain percentage of her maximum HP. Moreover, if a wounded ally has less than 30% health left, then the amount of HP restored will increase significantly.

Natasha can heal all wounded damage dealers while Welt weakens enemies, giving your allies a chance to unleash powerful attacks.

Fire damage trailblazer


Many players appreciated the damage skills of Stella and Quelus, two versions of the protagonist available from the very beginning of the game. The fire damage trailblazer is one of the most dangerous characters in combat. Depending on the build, he is quite durable due to the restoration of health, and is also able to quickly reduce the enemy’s health bar with powerful attacks.

By adding a Pathfinder to your squad, you don't have to look for healer characters and heroes that create shields. Welt's ability will perfectly complement the skills of the Pathfinder. While Velt delays the actions of enemies, you can finish them off with attacks from Kelus or Stella.



Serval and Welt are perfect for fighting large groups of enemies, as both heroes specialize in dealing damage to multiple targets. The Serval adheres to the Path of Erudite and inflicts electrical damage to all opponents with the help of his skills and ultimate attacks.

Welt can help her by dealing extra damage to targets and helping her finish off enemies faster. Serval's attack is increased by 20% after defeating an enemy for two turns, and if at that moment you use the Welt skill and slow the opponents, you can easily deal with them using enhanced Serval moves.

Dan Heng


Dan Heng is one of the strongest damage-specializing characters, and you can get him for free with March 7. He deals an impressive amount of damage on a single target, and his attacks are especially effective against enemies who have the slow status applied. His basic attack power is increased by 40% if Dan Heng attacks a slowed enemy.

This status can be imposed on the enemy using the Welt skill. At the same time, each successful critical hit by Dan Heng additionally reduces the enemy’s speed by 12%, which makes the hero even stronger.



Zele is a heroine who adheres to the Path of the Hunt, which belongs to the quantum element and specializes in dealing damage. Her skill allows Zele to increase her speed for two turns and synergizes well with Welt's skill, which slows enemies for the same two turns. When Zele defeats an enemy, she also gains an extra turn.

Thus, any opponent unfortunate enough to face Seele and Welt will simply have to stand and wait until they are killed, since this duo will actually not leave him a single chance to attack.

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angry at the article
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