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Wen Shiqi's shop in Honkai Star Rail: where is it located and where to get a hertarium

Wen Shiqi's store at Honkai Star Rail

In one of the tasks, you will be asked to buy one item from the world shop for hertarium. With so many shops in Honkai: Star Rail, it's natural to get confused about what the world shop is and where to find it. You don't have to go far - it's just the Hertha space station.

Where to find the world shop in Honkai Star Rail

World Store is the name of a store that only accepts currencies that are unique to a particular world. For example, the Hertha space station world store only accepts gertarium, a cryptocurrency that can be obtained and used in the area. With that said, the World Store is just a fancy name. store internal purchasing officer Wen Shiqi, which is located in Main control area.

Head to the shop icon in the Main Control Zone to find Wen Shiqi. Talk to him and choose What do you have for sale? to access the World Store, which only accepts the hertarium in exchange for useful resources.

Where to Get Hertarium at Honkai Star Rail


I was able to assemble the hertarium by completing quests and opening treasure chests in the Gerta space station. This currency cannot be obtained in any other world. If you're having trouble unlocking quests, check your text messages - replying to people will open up a lot of side quests for you to dive into.

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