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Copper in Fallout 76: how to find and mine

How to mine copper in Fallout 76

A guide to several ways to farm copper in Fallout 76, which will allow you to clog your storage with copper ore and copper scrap.

Copper is one of the most important resources in Fallout 76, as no electronic device can be crafted without it. However, replenishing your copper reserves in the game is quite difficult, especially if you are new to Fallout 76 and have not had time to master all the basic gameplay mechanics. You can get copper in three different ways: get it from one of the natural deposits, get it from trash, or use a resource extractor.

This guide details the features of each copper mining method in Fallout 76.

How to mine copper in Fallout 76

To replenish your copper reserves, you need to mine it in deposits or using a resource extractor, as well as taking apart trash. The first two methods allow you to get copper ore, which then needs to be turned into scrap copper using a chemical laboratory. Meanwhile, the third method allows you to get ready-to-use pieces of copper.

copper deposits

Copper veins are usually found on rocky ledges, in caves or mines. The most convenient places for regular mining of copper ore are the veins on Solomon's Pond, near the Whitespring station and the bunker nearby, as well as on rocky areas near the Abandoned Mine - Shaft 2 location.

LocationNumber of copper conductors
North of Solomon's Pond10
Southwest of Whitespring Bunker9
East of Whitespring Station9
Southeast of Abandoned Mine - Shaft 28
Southwest of Hornwright Air Purifier - Location 37
Northeast of the AMC Test Site6
Southeast of Abandoned Mine - Shaft 16
East of Welch6

Extraction of copper from trash

Disassemble the trash on the workbench to get pieces of copper. The following items are best suited for this: a powerful magnet, a pre-war lamp and a pipe, each of which gives 3 pieces of copper. It is also recommended to dismantle beautiful vases, copper miner's lanterns, power relay coils and sensor modules for spare parts.

items with copperNumber of pieces of copper
Powerful magnet3
pre-war lamp3
beautiful vase2
Miner's copper lantern2
Tripod for beakers2
Power relay coil2
Sensor module2
broken light bulb1

Place a resource extractor on an ore deposit


The best way to farm copper in Fallout 76 is to place a resource extractor over a copper deposit. Dabney Farm is ideal for this, as it can accommodate up to 3 extractors, each of which produces 20 units of copper ore per hour.

copper workshopNumber of extractors
Dabney Farm3
Billings Farm1
Charleston junkyard1
Grafton Steel Warehouse1
Wade airport1

Note: The maximum capacity of copper extractors is 10 ore, so they need to be cleaned every half an hour. Otherwise, they will not be able to mine 20 units of ore per hour.

How to improve the efficiency of copper mining

If you put on the Excavation Power Armor, then the efficiency of copper mining will increase noticeably. This equipment allows you to quadruple the amount of mined minerals - thus, each unit of ore is automatically multiplied by four. You can also equip the Super Duper passive ability, which allows you to craft twice as many items during crafting with a 30% chance.

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