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Ako wine measure in Genshin Impact: how to get and what kind of fish is used

Measure of ako wine in Genshin Impact

The measure of Ako's wine in Genshin Impact is an item used in leveling one single weapon - 4* Spear Catch, which is also issued for fishing. It's not easy to get this elevation material, because you need to get serious about fishing first, to catch certain types of fish. Only after that you can exchange these fish for a resource for pumping weapons.

In this guide, we will figure out where the fish we need lives, why a measure of Ako wine is required and from whom you can buy it.

How to get Ako's Measure of Wine in Genshin Impact

There is only one way to get an item - through exchange / trade. However, this is no ordinary trade overseas. To purchase elevation material, you will need certain types of fish in a certain amount (their habitats are below in the article). The desired NPC is marked on the map with a fish icon and is located in the electric region. The exact location is shown in the screenshot.


We approach Momiji, start a dialogue, select an exchange / trade point and change the fish for pumping material.

What kind of fish is used for Ako Wine Measure in Genshin Impact

You will have to catch a lot of fish to buy this item. In total, 3 types of fish are required for the exchange: Pufferfish, Raiemei and Bitter Pufferfish, 3, 10 and 10 each, respectively. Therefore, for the full pumping of the "Catch" we need 12 ordinary pufferfish, 40 Raimei and 40 bitter pufferfish. 


It will not be possible to catch such a number of fish in one run, so if you have friends, you can farm in their worlds, or in the worlds of random players (they can be found in different communities). If this is not possible, you will have to wait 3 days (real), after which there will be a reset and again you can start farming in your world. If you plan to upgrade your “Catch”, it’s better to farm fish in advance.

How to Catch Raimei Angelfish

We will need to catch four Raimei Angelfish for one item. We prepare in advance for farming, take a fake worm with us as bait and head towards the farming point near the Kujo camp. The fish is quite rare and is found only in this place at night, from six in the evening to six in the morning. 


How to catch a pufferfish

This less rare fish can be caught with a fake fly. Take this bait and start farming. The first very convenient farming point is located on the island of Rito, right next to the teleportation point at the port.


The second point is located near Rito, at Fort Hiraumi.


The third point is located in the Cloud Sea, near the port of Li Yue. We simply teleport to the nearest point, get to the indicated place and start fishing.


The fourth point is located at the Rassvet distillery.


The fifth (and last at the moment) point is located right at Mondstadt.


They can be caught at any convenient time of the day. The update takes 3 days, so if you caught all the fish - just wait 3 real days and return to farm.

How to catch a bitter pufferfish

The last fish we need is the bitter pufferfish. We start farming, we take with us the same bait as for a regular pufferfish - a fake fly. There are 5 farm points in total, as in the case of a regular pufferfish. The first farm point is located at Nazuchi Shoal.


Then we go towards the island of Rito, as in the case of the usual pufferfish (they live in the same place).


Two more farm points are Mondstadt and the Rassvet distillery.


The last point is located near the village of Qingce.  

What is Ako's Measure of Wine for in Genshin Impact

At the moment (patch 3.6) the item is used for one single purpose — to upgrade polearms (4*) “Catch”. Leveling will require four units of elevation material, so you will have to catch a lot of fish for the exchange.


It is quite possible that other uses for the item will appear in future patches.

Video guide

*We will add a video walkthrough a little later.

That's all you need to know about how to get Ako Wine Measure in Genshin Impact, what kind of fish you need and what the item is used for. Now you can read our other guides on Genshin Impact, new quests, events and content in the game. Leave your comments below and bookmark our site so you don't miss anything.

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